Free Primrose Hill Gig Update

Lord only knows why, but possibly fearing Davey’s attempt at a second Great Fire of London, the barbeque on Primrose Hill has been disallowed by the powers that be. Never fear though, you can still turn up from 10pm this Saturday for a free Crimea show along with some not quite so badly burnt cold snaks and alcohol. Either that or you can pop along to the Angel Of The North at 4pm on Sunday for a more relaxing afternoon show.

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2 Responses to “Free Primrose Hill Gig Update”

  1. Quiffstress says:

    Lordy Friend, what a sterling job you’ve done here. It’s all change isn’t it? Bravo. You’re not actually allowed to have a barbeque in any of the London Royal Parks. What with people thinking they’re being super-tidy and chucking disposable barbeques away.. setting fire to the bins in the process. Seriously..
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Christopher says:

    yay welcome back 8) you cant disguise yourself as a real person on here :D stupid barbeque police :( are you going? you can dazzle everyone with your amazing hair and lifesize clone instead.

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