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Radio Five LiveMentioned this yesterday but didn’t know anymore about it. But thanks to the guys on the Record Of The Day message board I’ve just managed to track down the recording of Owen giving an interview to Five Live on the band’s free album release. You can hear it here on Wednesday’s Drive show, just past 2 hours 53 minutes in, though I’ll have an mp3 up early next week. If you see / hear any more Crimea related stuff on radio or TV, make sure to let us know on the message board or in the comments section. Also on ROTD was a link to The Crimea’s PR people (Velocity) and media promotion (Scream) though lord knows why you’d wanna contact them. Unless you want PR stuff, obviously.

Radio WalesGiving the band more promotion is another long time Crimea supporter, Adam Walton, who’s recently been playing the band on his Radio Wales show. The last airing was on Sunday where he mentioned the free album and also the band’s gig at the MS1 Club in Cardiff a few years ago which he broadcast live on his show. Anyway, click here and skip to about 2:10 in. And again I’ll probably have an MP3 up early next week.

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