New Crimea Photos

There’s plenty of new Crimea photos around the web, here’s a roundup of some of the newest ones I’ve found.

Davey at Kings CollegeTo start with, there’s a load of news ones on’s Crimea Webshots album thanks to Carole Button who sent me pics of loads of gigs from last year and some from the Proud Gallery gig this year featuring Amy May dueting with Davey on Requiem Aeternam.

Also on webshots is a few pics from the band’s gig at Star Live in Beijing a couple of weeks ago, thanks to Bad Vibrations on the official forum.

And there’s loads of pics from Saturday’s free Primrose Hill gig up on Flickr thanks to users wilrob7, Alibanana and clashcityrockerkat.

If you have any photos you’d like me to stick on this site then send em to, or just let me know about some you’ve found on the web at

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