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Secrets of The Witching HourToday I have something vaguely different for you – a SOTWH release article from the Hey Charlie! blog which focuses on the band’s history over the years and has a couple of preview MP3s from their past.

Also slightly interesting is this forum discusion at Glosunit which features an email from a university lecturer who wants his students to follow the Crimea’s album giveaway story.

More of the usual from PC World New Zealand and Darkpaw who both mention the release, as does Molly O’Poverty though she’s not quite as impressed with the album as the first two.

And the two foreign sites for today are Italy’s NovaMusica with a large review of the album (Google translation here), and Israel’s Ynet with an even bigger article on the release though all the right to left stuff confuses my PC.

We’re just a bunch of buffalo getting slaughtered

Yes, yes, i know. i’m sorry. Things just got a bit hectic back there. i was part of an exhibition that panned like a Teflon and Bianca started work in a hospital that won’t let up. We can only apologise.

Anyway, where were we? i can’t remember, let’s just start here by saying that The Crimea have a new album out. Principally because they do.
The Crimea formed after the demise of The Crocketts, a band who mixed primitive psycho-eyed frenetic rock garbling with moments of delicate introspection, this next song fitting neatly into the latter category, acting as it does as the B-side to ‘On Something’ which is most definitely the former. You’ll notice also that this track is a duet between ‘Davy Crockett’ (now plain ol’ Dave MacManus to his fans, including sister Annie) and one Mary Hopkin, who is not only reet famous but was also signed to Apple for a bit. Sweet and crunchy.

The Crocketts feat. Mary Hopkin – Host

However by the tail end of 2002 The Crimea had been formed by the aforementioned male MacManus and Owen Hopkin (any relation?), a year after The Crocketts were dropped by V2. Peelie started playing Lottery Winners On Acid with fervent admiration as soon as it was released on Shiny Beast, as well as the follow up, ‘White Russian Galaxy’ – unfortunately he didn’t live to see them play the song on Top of the Pops, or sign to Warners and release their debut album Tragedy Rocks for that matter, but then again the gap between the first Shiny Beast EP and the album was probably longer than The Crockett’s entire career.

The Crimea – White Russian Galaxy (Shiny Beast version)

And now, not only is it ready, but you can download the new Crimea
album, in its entirety, for nowt. Which is quite a clever marketing ploy apparently, but still rather pleasant i think you’ll agree. Free music might well be the future.

The Crimea – Secrets of the Witching Hour (LP)


Article by Bianca & Thomas Ferguson for Hey Charlie!, 07/05/07.

Interesting development in music.

An email i had from my lecturer at uni, and this has made the news:

Hi Studes

the Crimea are digitally distributing their entire album, Secrets of
the Witching Hour, for free.
Interestingly they were dropped from Warners last year despite
selling a respectable 35,000 albums, and their single Lottery Winners
On Acid making the top 40.

Here is a quote regarding Warners from yesterdays Guardian, which is
where I discovered this story;

“like its major label rivals, it is struggling with the structural
changes to the record industry and, say critics, is increasingly
unable to invest in long-term artist development”.

I don’t seem to recall Korda saying anything about this at South West

Anyway, I think that this is an extremely interesting development,
and may point to the fact that bands can generate more cash through
live events and merchandising as opposed to simply selling CD’s, and
something like this would certainly promote the band and encourage
ticket sales.

Lets keep a keen eye on this for obvious reasons



Post by South on Glosunit, 11/05/07.

The best online music price: free

Davey_and_Joe--large-msg-1133892604-2.jpgAs controversy swirls about iTunes upping the price for DRM-free, higher resolution songs (don’t you just love buying the same song in vynl, CD, 128kbps digital then 256kbps digital format?), UK indie band The Crimea is showing the way – or at least blagging a lot of exposure – with its decision to offer its new album “Secrets of the Witching Hour” as a free download from its website. Well done, lads. In IT speak we’d call that seeding the market.

Article by Chris Keall for PC World, 14/05/07.

The new Crimea album – FREE!!!

The Crimea are a great band, and are responsible for the classic “Baby Boom”. They’re even greater now because they’ve released their next album, “Secrets of the Witching Hour” on their website for FREE. It’s a 36MB download, encoded at 128Kbps MP3. I’ve listened to it, and it’s pretty damn good! Go get it before they take it down!!!

Article by Chris for Darkpaw, 09/05/07.


I was going to do a full, in-depth post on these guys who, after being dumped by their record label, are graciously giving away their entire third album, but I’m afraid I’m not so much a fan. Some visitiors here may like it for the novelty of a full length album for FREE. Others whose tastes lean more towards mine may not. And it’s not so much that it’s not good or well-produced, it’s more that SECRETS OF THE WITCHING HOUR is just bland indie rock. There are plenty of fair-to-middlin’ acts out there that are successful, so why not them?

The adventurous can download the album here. And if you disagree, tell me so.

Article from Molly O’Poverty, 12/05/07.

The Crimea – Secrets Of The Witching Hour

“Secrets Of The Witching Hour” è il secondo album dei The Crimea, band londinese indie-rock con richiami pop. Ma questo secondo lavoro ha qualcosa di particolare. E’ distribuito gratuitamente sul loro sito internet. Una scelta coraggiosa e lodevole che cerca di essere un esperimento importante in un settore in crisi come è quello discografico.
Nonostante il discreto successo dell’album d’esordio il gruppo è stato mollato dalla Warner, la casa discografica con la quale avevano un contratto. Così i cinque musicisti londinesi invece di rientrare nel circolo delle major hanno deciso di autoprodurre il loro nuovo disco e distribuirlo gratuitamente attraverso il loro sito web ufficiale. In questo modo la band spera di aumentare la schiera dei suoi fan incrementando di conseguenza la vendita del merchandising e soprattutto il pubblico che andrà a vederli nelle esibizioni live.
Fatta questa premessa dico subito che “Secrets Of The Witching Hour” è proprio un bell’album: positivo, melodico, con ritornelli e motivetti molto orecchiabili. In tutto undici canzoni con sonorità tipicamente inglesi. Si parte subito bene, fin dalla prima traccia “All Conquering”, brano piacevole, con riff che danno la carica e un forte senso della melodia. Dopo si passa a “The 48A Waiting Steps”, uno dei miei preferiti, brano più tranquillo rispetto al precedente, con un allegro motivetto ricorrente che entra facilmente nell’orecchio dell’ascoltatore e rende il tutto più gioioso. I successivi brani non sono da meno…tanto per citarne qualcuno: “Bombay Sapphire Coma”, bella canzone degna di nota, “Don’t Close Your Eyes On Me”, una delle canzoni più tristi e malinconiche dell’album, “Loop A Loop”, altro brano stupendo con un ritornello rilassante e facilmente canticchiabile, “Light Brigade”, con un bel ritmo e una tromba che suona un motivo proprio niente male. Mi fermo qui ma avrei potuto dire di più e soprattutto citare tutti i brani. Ma non voglio dilungarmi e in fin dei conti il cd è gratis, potete quindi ascoltarvelo in tutta tranquillità e farvi una vostra personalissima opinione. Io lo consiglio caldamente e credo che potrete restarne molto soddisfatti.
Questo l’elenco dei brani dell’album:

1. All Conquering
2. The 48A Waiting Steps
3. Raining Planets
4. Man
5. Bombay Sapphire Coma
6. Don’t Close Your Eyes On Me
7. Loop A Loop
8. Light Brigade
9. Several Thousand Years Of Talking Nonsense
10. Requiem Aeternum
11. Weird

Il disco è scaricabile gratuitamente (con tanto di cover fronte/retro) a questo indirizzo:

Questo invece è il MySpace della band, dove come al solito si possono ascoltare alcune canzoni:

Article from NovaMusica, 15/04/07. Translation available from Google.

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