Witching Hour Press Articles

The Sun article.I’ve just uploaded a load of scans of articles from various newspapers and mags on The Crimea’s free Secrets Of The Witching Hour album to Webshots. You can view them in this album, click on each image to view a larger version, and then click the “full size” link (a small magnifying glass with a + in it) to view the original size of the image if it’s still too small to read.

I’m also busy uploading all press articles and adverts to the same webshots account ( ) to replace the self made pages on which took far too long to produce. Therefore the image page on this site is also getting a little makeover, you can check there for any further updates to Crimea photos and scans.

Incidently, if you don’t like the new Webshots albums, and know of somewhere with similar functionality that you prefer, then let me know. I’ve already counted out Flickr as, unless I pay em money, I can’t have more than a few albums to contain pics and that’s just gonna look a mess.

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