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As hundreds of music fans make their way home from The Crimea’s Secrets Of The Witching Hour tour gigs, welcomes you to the band’s biggest fansite on the web with the biggest Crimea competition to ever grace the internets.

I’ve dug deep into the back of my closet and pulled out an almost complete collection of the band’s entire back catalogue. Read more for the full list, though unfortunately the original, ultra rare red covered Tragedy Rocks is missing, and currently there’s no pirate style Tragey Rocks either (though I hope to change that soon). Other than that, it’s all there. I’ll make sure to include a CD of ripped MP3s from any missing CDs, and also every demo and live recording I have.

I’ll also try to throw in whatever Crimea related gubbins I find lying around and I’m already pestering band members to donate anything they can come up with. If you have any Crimea related stuff you’d like to add to the prize fund (especially any of the missing CDs from above) then get in touch ( ).

Update: Prize fund now includes a fully signed gray Weird t-shirt and a fully signed Secrets Of The Witching Hour CD album.

Alright, here’s the good stuff:


What is the title of the second track from The Crimea’s first official CD release?

Hint: track = song, official = no promos so either a single or album. You’ll know it when you find it ;) .

Send your answer to along with your name and e-mail address before the closing date of midnight GMT, Thursday 5th July 2007 (that’s two days after the last SOTWH tour gig), also note it was previously 27th June though some tour gigs were rescheduled, so you have even longer to win!

One entry per person please. A winner will be picked at random from all correct entries after the closing date and the winner notified by email around 7th July. The winner should provide a postal address for delivery of the prize within three weeks of notification, otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

Current Prize Fund:

Lottery Winner On Acid (2002 CD Single)
White Russian Galaxy (2003 CD Single and 7″)
Baby Boom (2003 CD Single)
Lottery Winners On Acid (2004 CD EP, US only release)
Tragedy Rocks (2005 CD Album US release)
Tragedy Rocks (2005 CD Album blue cover release)
Lottery Winners On Acid (2006 CD1 + CD2 single and 7″)
White Russian Galaxy (2006 CD1 + CD2 single and 7″)
Baby Boom (2006 CD1 + CD2 single and 7″)
Secrets Of The Witching Hour (2007 CD Album, fully signed)

MP3s of every other Crimea release, demo and live recording I own.

Fully signed “Pterodactyls take on the Helicopter gunships” t-shirt, gray, medium size, and I think Joe must’ve dropped it somewhere as there’s a tiny bit of mud on the back, it’ll wipe off + fun story, anyway…
Joe’s setlist from York Fibbers, 18/06/07.
Jagermeister Ipod sock and patterned tourch.
The Fly, June 2007 which includes a review of the album.
Various other flyers and promo material.

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10 Responses to “Competition – The Big One”

  1. Iain says:

    I’ve got a version of TR…. don’t know which one – if that’s any good to you?

  2. Christopher says:

    If it ain’t what’s already on the list and you wanna give it away then sure. Otherwise, no :P .

  3. Iain says:

    Sorry – hadn’t looked at the list! I thought you said you had NO Tragedy Rocks…. never mind!

  4. Christopher says:

    i’m missing the original one with the reddish cover. the only one i’ve got left myself is signed to me by the band. i hope i didn’t give my last clean copy away :(

    EDIT: woohoo, found em :D prize winners are still not getting them though :(

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  7. Carole the Lilywhite says:

    Hey Christopher,
    I’m pretty certain I’ve got most (if not all) of the prize already (apart from the signed Witching Hour cd, which can be rectified Monday), so it would be selfish of me to enter the competition. Just wanted you to know I’ve looked at it – hate you to feel you were being ignored!

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