Adam Walton & Vote Maupa!

Vote Maupa! The competition for the UK’s best new band on the Wanadoo website may have ended in miserable failure for The Crimea, but those cheeky scamps Maupa put in a superb effort and are now looking ahead to many many sleepless nights in their quest to take on the rest of Europe. If you spent any time voting Crimea you’ll know how hard it is, so get on over and help them out.
Adam Walton’s Radio Wales show took itself to new hights last night. Not only did it feature two tracks from The Crimea’s album, but a live recording of a show from The Crocketts’ old tour pals Murry The Hump. Not only that, but I hear a certain singer may be putting in an appearance with another band during a future session on the show. Nothing’s confirmed yet but I’ll let you all know if anything does happen. For now, have a listen to Adam’s show from yeaterday here on the all new version of the BBC On Demand player. Weyhey. No more hours spent trying to skip 5 mins :o ). EDIT: I’m just listening to the MTH gig now. Ahhh.. takes me back to the time I just got into the crox :o ) And Aber coppers really are fucking strange. Tracks played are Pigs On Parade, Gasolene, Booze And Cigaretes, Don’t Slip Up, Colouring Book, I Will Love, Thrown Like A Stone, (?), Kebab Or Shag.

POSTED BY:: box packer
Date: Thur/6/5/04 19:44
new Barfly label through BMG?

POSTED BY:: bean counter
Date: Thur/6/5/04 22:54
ok, like blue dog was? the former barfly label. This was formed on the back of bands getting signed at barfly gigs and them not participating. fast forward to boxes of unsold records around the office

= Try emailing blue dog ( and asking about buying older crocketts singles. they might even have some posters left too.

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