Owen Hopkin & Halflight

Owen Hopkin, not content with his day job in The Crimea, has provided drums for three new Halflight songs titled Linen, The Ending and Pins Drop. Halflife describe themselves as “a Cardiff based collective, the brainchild of singer/songwriter Sarah Howells. Think Gemma Hayes, Beth Orton, Pixies, Nick Drake, Wolfgang Tillmans, The Bangles, Tori Amos, Pavement… Then think again”. I’ll keep you updated on happenings and where you can get a copy of the tracks. Below is an email I got from Rich, Halflight’s guitarist:
“I used to be in a band called Cartoon. We were based in West Wales at the same time The Crocketts were coming outa Aberystwyth. We did quite a few gigs together and I always admired the boy Hopkins drumming. We (halflight) are mainly ploughing the acoustic furrow at the moment but wanted to get some drums on a few recordings. Owen was the obvious first choice. The stuff will be mixed within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully released in some form as soon as we get our sh*t tohether. Rich”.

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