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Don't Look At The MonkeyJust got some great news from Owen. The Crocketts’ debut album We May Be Skinny And Wirey and the excellent follow up album The Great Brain Robbery are back in stock. They’re both £8.00 inc. p+p, check the little shop bit below for the rest.
And while I’m on the subject of albums, Project Winterhaven (julz ex crimea lead blah blah…) have just released their latest one. It comes with one of the best album titles I’ve ever heard, Don’t Look At The Monkey, and judging by the track you can download from their site, it’s pretty darn good. Copies are £7 and you can even use PayPal if you so wish.
Weird E-mails If anyone gets a weird looking e-mail claiming to be from either, or any other Crimea related address, please don’t open any attachments with them without scanning for viruses first. I’ve recently recieved numerous e-mails with spoofed addresses, including some claiming to be from myself, and there’s not much I can do about it so just get a decent virus scanner and spam filter and you should be fine.
There’s some new MP3s on the Crimea Official Website of an interview with Davey and another Crimea member for Radio Wales a couple of weeks ago. The Crocketts are mentioned a few times, though Davey doesn’t seem to happy about them :o \.
SleeperAnd I’ve found and interview with Owen for Radio One’s Session In Wales about Mary Hopkin working with the band. Click here to listen to it in RealPlayer, and if anyone can get the source file downloaded then send it this way and I’ll turn it into an MP3.
Almost forgot about this, I’ve uploaded some more live MP3s by another NME ridiculed band, Sleeper. They were produced from the live stream on Sleeper Online of a gig at Oxford Brooke’s University in 1997,and features none other than fatboy-girl Zoe Ball as guest guitarist on the first track. You can find all the MP3s and playlist file here.

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