Maupa Whoop Ass

You may remember Maupa as the cheeky little scamps who not only knocked out, but buried and pissed on the grave of everyone else in the English leg of the Wanadoo Discoveries online cometition to find the next “big thing” in music. Contestants from all around Europe including The Crimea took part, and the final was helt this evening in Montpellier, France. The finalists, including Maupa, played during the show, which was streamed ove the net this evening. It’s actually still going on and I’m getting a horibly slowed down strem through what should be a 1mbps connection, but anyway, I missed the bit where Maupa were on and winners were anounced, but fuck me if they hadn’t got half of England to help em out in the vote cos Maupa won the whole damn thing. And I still dunno what they get. Visit their site and lavish your love upon the band who’s fans could do what the Crimean army never could.

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