Really Wild Show & Crox Memories

I swear to god I just heard the beggining guitar riff from 1939 on BBC1′s Really Wild Show. Fuck fuck fuck. It was pretty quiet and now I’m freaking out and stuff so maybe I imagined it but I swear it was them. It was played during a bit where some guy was underwater filming sharks. E-mail them or something and see if they used it. Here’s radiotime’s description of the show it was on.
“Children’s wildlife series, with a report on Africa’s most endangered mammal – the Grevy’s Zebra. Nick Baker goes on the trail of deadly cobras in India, Michaela Strachan finds out why swimming with dolphins may not be as idyllic as it seems, Steve Backshall has an encounter with humpback whales in Australia and Eils Hewitt meets a robotic shark.”
If it really was them, they probably got the most exposure they’ve ever had in about 2 seconds. Can’t really see Will You Still Care (aka. the I Don’t Fucking Think So song) ending up on Balamory anytime soon. Send em Lottery Winners On Acid or something. Then again…
EDIT: confirmed, someone else heard it too. fuck me. someone let owen or davey know about this at an ash gig, else i might have to do it myself :o S

In other, much calmer news, I found a load of Crocketts folk tales on the message board of the Plastic Ashtry / Fuck The Press site (how appropriate). Hopefully they won’t mind me reproducing them here, I figure it’s not much different from just linking to the posts. If you want it taken off this site, just email in. Alternatively, email and tell me more wonderful Crox stories to share on the site. Here’s the link if you want to read the rest of the posts –
STUMBELEINE01: One of my fave performances was at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in brum (before it became a lap dancing club, shame). They played all acoustically, anything and everything they had obcurities like ‘frog on a stick’. Wonderful.
Peteofthem: I was actually living in Aberystwythat the time the Crocketts went mega and Murry The Hump followed suit. I once got threatened (long b4 members of the fucking NME) by Davey while having a quiet drink downstairs at the bay cuz I wrote a bad review of them. I saw ‘em play and didn’t realise they were local. Said some nasty words and nearly lost a windpipe. The best gig I ever saw in ‘Crockett land’ was when Davey supported Murry The Hump acousticly at an absolutely rammed Castle hotel. There wasn’t room to fucking stand, let alone dance. It was my birthday and I got totally fucked up and sstole Davey’s set list. on the back were some new lyrics. Don’t think they ever made it into a song (Prob cuz i got em – still do, somewhere). “Memories of the way we were were tra la la la la”
Mr Clarinet: I remember hearing stories that Davey would gaffer tape a microphone to a sledgehammer and bash up an acoustic guitar with it. I never saw this, and I feel a lesser man for it.
Peteofthem: I think he [Davey] once told folks he’d pulled out a tooth so he could look like Gerry Damers from The Specials but in truth he’d just fallen over. That may have been just an ugly rumour though so shame on me for perpetuating it.
STUMBELEINE01: My story comes from when they played JB’s in Dudley apparently a few ppl saw him with lines of coke on the amp taking them after each song. i never noticed this at all, but iknow people who said they saw it. Who knows? I think the last time i saw them was on some xmas tour at the flapper in brum. They said ” merry-fucking-christmas’ instead of ‘i-dont-fucking -think-so’, was another great show, was deaf after we stood by the speakers to see em.

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