Merchandise claim to have numerous second hand Crocketts merchandise for sale, including the very rare Pedro 7″ (unlikely), the Host video and a Hello & Good Morning promo. They seem to be more of a collection of stuff from various indie shops around hte UK, cos i’ve seen the same stuff listed elsewhere, but if you wanna take a look just hit the search button and type Crocketts.
A site called Chart Log UK, which has a listing of all UK top 200 chart positions since 1995, also contains chart entris for numerous Crocketts releases. Check them out here if you want, but I’ll put em below for the hell of it.
The Crocketts
Title – Lable – Year – Date – Peak Position – Weeks In Top 200
Loved Ya Once (Blue Dog/V2)
1998 (21.03.1998): 181 (-/1)
Flower Girl (Blue Dog/V2)
1998 (23.05.1998): 185 (-/1)
James Dean-esque (Blue Dog/V2)
1999 (22.05.1999): 102 (-/2)
Host (Blue Dog/V2)
2000 (15.04.2000): 85 (-/2)
On Something (Blue Dog/V2)
2000 (15.07.2000): 112 (-/1)
1939 Returning / Chick vs. Macho (Blue Dog/V2)
2000 (28.10.2000): 107 (-/1)

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