Davey’s Missing Tooth

Well today I just got the urge to share with you a little email someone once forwarded to me. And Jane, if you ever read this… weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

From: crocketts
Date: 04 March 2001 18:46
Subject: Dentists Nghtmare
Allo Jane
The mystrey of Davey’s missing tooth? Well that’s what it is, no-one really knows and nothing can prise the info from the defendant. There have been many theories, some with more creedance than others….
1.) Some have suggested that Davey very kindly, donated it to under priviliged kids.
2.) Years of constant mic slamming eroded it away.
3.) It just upped and left one day, taking it’s pet Mole(r) with it.
4.) Genetic tests revealed it too have been formed from a different type of enamel, and so the Govt stole it and are conducting hush, hush experiments on it.
5.) Davey was a bit strapped for cash one day and so he made a deal with the tooth fairy.
6.) Davey was supposed to visit the Orthodontist, but got a bit pissed and ended up at the Awful Dentist instead.
I hope these ideas have enlightened you somewhat, perhaps you could mail me some of the other possible explainations, it would help my work greatly, and who knows perhaps this enigma will one day be resolved.
Have a goodun.
Ricardo Wurzerello

Needless to say, there won’t be too many emails like that being sent anymore.

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