Llama Farmers

Good evening dear children.
Llama Farmers - El ToppoExactly this time two years ago i was at a crimea gig :o ) woo…. anyways… you may have noted a strange new bannery thing northwards ^. well don’t get too excited cos none of the links work, but in time strange and wondorous new things will start appearing on the site. before it does though, i want you to all go and dig through your old collections of kerrang and melody maker mags and look for old crox stuff. scan it in, send it here, the last guy who did provided me with half of the press clipping page. thanks jonny. and i’m gonna try do a kind of little gigography so if you know the date and place of a gig, lemme know too.
Another band you may read about in those old mags, the ole Llama Farmers, no longer exist. Boo. Whatever. www.churchofvizzini.com <– Bernie’s new band ;o) (fyi he was the lead singer of the llamas yes yes he was. probably.)

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