LWOA EP Review

I’m sat here listening to numerous different versions of Opposite Ends, and thinking I should probably update stuff. Sounds about right…
Klutzville Promo EP review. And they bloody love it. Cept for some reason they think there’s a group called The Crimea and a guy called Andy Norton playing on it. Lord knows what that’s all about. Read it here.
Halflight, for whom Owen Hopkin played drums on their recent Subside EP, just played the CMJ festival in New York (much like a certain other band) and will return to the UK tommorow (Monday 18th) to play The Cavern Club in Liverpool. The would be The Cavern Club then. Still, I don’t see them on US morning radio, eh? :o ) Oh, and they’re playing Aber in November. Nice. Check their site for more.
Project Winterhaven (well actually, just Julz) have been around the world and back again. Again. And after playing such renowned locations as ‘a back street in asmall town near calais’ and ‘the back of a van in a bordeaux winery carpark’, she and the other members are now off to the US (isn’t everyone?) to play some proper gigs. Well actually, with seemingly little planning, lead singer/ex-Crimea guitarist Julz managed to get herself and friends onto numerous gig bills and even onto a radio show. Oh and they got some stuff nicked from their van too, so if you can spare the odd mic or two, and a guitar tuner… video camera… some “wicked earings”?!?… i’m sure they’d appreciate it. Err.. yeah so, if you’re around, and frankly it seems like there’s no point staying here if you wanna hear some good bands, they’ll be at Baltimore 22 October, Norfolk 23 October,Baldwin City 25 October with Tommy Emmanuel, 29th October – AJ´s Bar and Grill – Jacksonville Florida, October 30th – Eddies Attic – Atlanta Georgia Supporting Halcyon.
And if you’d like to buy some old S Club 7 CDs… As if… they’re way too good to sell, but I do have some of my old CDs / video games currently for sale up on eBay. Maybe avoid the Steps (sadly, that’s not a joke), but I highly recommend the set of seven Sleeper singles, if I didn’t have em already there’s no way I’d be selling them at all.

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