John Peel & LWOA

The Crocketts - LWOA EPSo John Peel’s dead, which’d be a huge fucker if The Crimea were still releasing stuff here. Cept they’re not, so it’s only a huge fucker for every other decent band on the planet. :o (
But anyway, I finally got my copy of The Croc.. er.. The Crimea’s Lottery Winners On Acid EP this morning, after much hastle at the Uni post collection desky place thing… nothing new, though some (probably American) type’s stuck a nice pic of a car driving down the wrong side of the road on the back cover. And it’d make sooo much more sense if it was actually an Englishman who put it there. Think about it.
I did have some Crockett’s news… ummmm…. umumumumumum…. *still umming*….. fuckit. Maybe if I stick this on the web it’ll come back…
Oh yeh oh yeh… I probably didn’t wanna remember this anyway but err, you know The Crocketts have split when a kid in Aber comes up to you pointing at the Crox logo on your top saying “What’s ‘The Crocketts’?”. Dear lord let me never wear a ‘The Hot Puppies’ top. At least not while they’re still around.

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