Sooz with Crox TMORE UPDATES!!! It’s like there’s a right roarin Crocketts internet resurgence swarmin through the electrical airwaves as we speak :o ) And I have nooo idea what that means. But – two words – As. If. LOOOK!! It’s Sooz, staring in some proper screencapped photo posey goodness, and the only decent image I’ve ever seen of the Crocketts motorhead style t-shirt. Credits go to Stephen on the Would You Go To Bed With Me website forums. The As If fansite also features downloads of many of you favourite Crocketts promotional teen drama episodes (trigger happy wha?). Check out the thread here where I’m trying to find out who ingeniously smuggled all the Crox shirts into the show, and register and look around the rest of the forum for the downloads (screencap’s from episode 15 (aka. 115)).
Stay tuned for even better Crocketts news, just as soon as I fail my major project at Uni. Weekend, then.

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