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Spot anything different? Yup, the rarest of rare events… an Inaudible Crocketts based update! About bloody time too. I’ve managed to get the main WordPress blog install, primarily used for the Crimea site, sectioned up so I can use it for Crocketts news aswell.

It’s not perfect, you’ll get the Crimea’s site style on any posts that aren’t purely Crocketts related, and the archive page is the same for both sites so the only way to get pure Crocketts news is scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “previous entries”. But it’s a damn sight well better than what was here previously, and there’ll be constant updates in terms of slightly Crocketty slanted Crimea news getting posted to both /crimea and /crocketts.

Anyway, comment away, and remember there’s always room for new crimea pics at And of course, if you’re still missing a few tracks from your collection, you can always get in touch at and I’ll get some MP3s to you.

To start the new news page, here’s the three earliest Crimea photos I own. Before Dan and Rich joined there was a drummer called Geoff and they played Rummers Wine Bar in Aberystwyth with a girl called Hannah…

Original Founder and Drummer Graham Davey and Hannah in Rummers Original Lineup PR Shot

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