Crocketts Site News Merged

Normally don’t mention Crox stuff here but as you’re unlikely to notice if I dont, and as it has a small effect on this site…

The Crocketts Unofficial Website at has just had it’s news page updated with a kinda merged version of the blog on this here Crimea site. It’s been adapted for the Crox site so you can clearly see the difference, though any news posts there will still appear on the archives page of this site so if you spot any weird posts that aren’t on the this front page and have a totally different look, then that’s why.

Other than that, you shouldn’t notice any difference here at all, though obviously if you do then lemme know. Anyway, head over to for more info, and if you’re wondering “who the hell?!?!”, The Crocketts are just Crimea members Davey & Owen’s old band.

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