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Secrets of The Witching HourAs you all eagerly await the arrival of your SOTWH hard copies (I’m sure they won’t be much longer…), here’s a review and some more release news to keep you happy.

The CD was album of the week at Today FM last week, so check out the Google cache or read more to see what they said. What did they think? Here’s a clue: “a well-produced and assured effort”.

There’s a small mention of the release on Gigwise, and also on the Instep Magazine site during an interview with a seperate artist, and finally there’s a slightly bigger article on the Dutch site Kidsweek.

album of the week

The Crimea ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’

The Crimea were dropped by their record label Warner Music last autumn, but that hasn’t stopped them releasing new material. They’ve utilised the internet to it’s full potential and have put their album up for download, completely free, from their website. But the question is, why should you get this record?

Thankfully, the fact that it’s available for nothing does not mean that ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour‘ is cheap music. Quite the contrary, this is a well-produced and assured effort from the London five-piece, from the opulent My Bloody Valentine-influenced opener right through to the atmospheric acoustic closing track, proving that record companies are losing touch with their artists in the chase for the big dollar.

Lead singer Davey MacManus has an amiable delivery that lends itself in to heartfelt numbers like “Don’t Close Your Eyes On Me” just as easily as to more expansive numbers such as “Light Brigade”, and the songs grow on you with each listen until they become like dear friends. So the space-pop melody of “The 46A Waiting Stop” blends seamlessly into the jingle-jangle of “Loop A Loop”, and on into the mellow groove of “Several Thousand Years Of Talking Nonsense

Their music conjure up a mix of The Flaming Lips, Rollerskate Skinny, and Jeffrey Lewis, creating a blend of psychedelic-inspired guitar-led observation pieces with a real melodic heart, and in fact sounds more confident and together than their big label debut two years ago. There are some really fantastic songs here such as ‘Bombay Sapphire Coma’ and ‘All Conquering’, but the lesser tracks are no less deserving of praise– all have a great musical and lyrical cohesion that’s often missing from a band offering so early in their career.

And of course, the truly fantastic thing is that this album won’t cost you a penny – simply go to to download it. This could be the way forward if bands can produce an album this good without the backing of a major label.

Article from Today FM, May 2007.

The Crimea Give Away New AlbumThe Crimea Give Away New Album
LP is free to download…

The Crimea’s much anticipated second album, ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour,’ is available to download for free now.

In the unprecedented move, the London based band have made their complete album available for fans to download for free ahead of its physical release, on June 4th.

The band hope that the increased exposure of the free release will boost their live audiences and merchandise sales at gigs, and so create a new avenue of income.

The band are just about to embark on a comprehensive tour in support of the album, which will include two dates in London in July.

The Crimea will call at the following venues:

Bristol, Thekla – May 21
Stoke, Sugarmill – 25
Wales, Queen’s Hall – 26
Surrey, The Boiler Room – 29
Reading, The Fez – 30
Nottingham, The Social – June 1
Birmingham, Bar Academy – 2
Liverpool, Academy 2 – 3
Leeds, Rios – 5
Leicester, The Charlotte – 6
Wolverhampton, Civic – 7
Sheffield, Leadmill – 8
Manchester, Joshua Brookes – 9
Northampton, The Shoundhaus – 11
Norwich, Arts Centre – 14
Southampton, Joiners – 15
Aldershot, West End Centre – 16
York, Fibbers – 18
Glasgow, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut – 19
Edinburgh, The Cabaret Voltaire – 20
London, The Borderline – July 2,3

Article by Jason Gregory for Gigwise, 21/05/07.

Rapping in the capital
With the explosion of internet and social websites like Orkut and MySpace, artists have found an easy outlet of marketing themselves. Adil Omar, a young rapper in Islamabad captures an audience through this medium. Instep takes an inside look behind this phenomenon…

“I don’t blabber about money and clubs like the rappers today do. I stick to keeping most of my music raw and dirty,” says Adil.

But now, another incredible phenomenon is in the making. Due to rampant illegal and some legal downloads of free music, the trends of the music industry have shifted so drastically, that even acclaimed artists in the west are realizing out of necessity rather than principle that music should be given out for free on the Internet. Due to this realization, an established Indie band (short for independent; artists not signed with any major recording label and thus outside the mainstream music scene) called The Crimea, has made a revolutionary move by giving out its second, self-financed album of 11 tracks, ‘Secrets of the Witching Hour’, for download entirely for free, hoping to generate money later on from tours, merchandising and licensing deals. Instead of crying about digital piracy and the subsequent drop in album sales, they are initiating what some are predicting to be a “music revolution.”

Adil Omar says,” I believe in giving out music for free. I don’t think people should have to pay for good music all the time. I’d prefer to make money off selling merchandise, doing collaborations, and touring instead.” Once he reaches the acclaimed status that is.

Article by Maria Tirmizi for Instep Magazine, May 2007.

The Crimea Give Away New Album

Gratis downloaden: compleet album!

De Britse band The Crimea heeft maandenlang keihard gewerkt aan hun tweede album. Ze hebben ook nog eens al hun spaargeld in de plaat geïnvesteerd. En nu geven ze het gratis weg. Het complete album is voor niks te downloaden via hun website. Toch hopen ze er rijk van te worden. – Door Marlies Ruijter

Het is de eerste keer in de popgeschiedenis dat een professionele band een album gratis weggeeft. The Crimea – die al eerder een bescheiden hit scoorde, maar nog niet echt zijn doorgebroken – hoopt dat ze met deze publiciteitsstunt een groot publiek zullen bereiken. Dat levert extra fans op die naar hun optredens komen kijken, waarvoor je uiteraard wel moet betalen. En bij die optredens kun je weer posters, t-shirts, kussenslopen en andere Crimea-spullen kopen. Zo komen de bandleden toch aan hun inkomen. De stunt lijkt overigens te werken. Het album is al meer dan 20 duizend keer gedownload. En het is nog maar pas begonnen. Ben jij ook nieuwsgierig naar de cd Secrets of the witching hour? Ga dan naar Het downloaden van de cd is eenvoudig en wijst zich vanzelf.

Article from Kidsweek, May 2007.

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