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Mailing ListThe Crimea – What goes up… will still keep going up. Take that, Isaac Newton!
The latest update on the Witching Hour tour straight from the band.

From: The Crimea
Sent: 04 June 2007 19:52:14
Subject : The Crimea – What goes up… will still keep going up. Take that, Isaac Newton!

The tour.
Words fail us. We’re shellshocked. Thousand yard stares a permanent fixture in the van. It’s been eventful. There’s been blood (the less said, the better), sh*tloads of sweat (the salt tide marks will take years to wash off our clothes) and a few tears (preceded by salt up the nose, tequila down the neck and lime in both eyes).

Yes, it’s been incredibly eventful and the most fun tour yet. A doffed cap to the two hundred who turned up at Stoke, to the Liverpool crowd that put the Kop to shame and to the Nottingham folk who turned a blind eye to some shocking dancing after the show. Big up the Bristol and Brum, respect to Reading and Wrexham – it’s been an amazing couple of weeks. A notable shout out also goes to the Modest Mouse crew and fans who made our unexpected sojourn a memorable one. And, if you’re new to our list and inane rambling, thanks for signing up and reading this far.

But it’s not over yet. There’s far more carnage on the road ahead. Check the dates below and come along if you can. We’re firing on all cylinders, our sound engineer knows what all the buttons do… we’re unstoppable.

Our new album, Secrets Of The Witching Hour is still available for download FOR FREE FOR EVER at
We won’t keep reminding you about it forever, btw. We’re just amazed that the counter can only go up. It’s become our mantra over the last few weeks. A positive mental attitude goes a long way. We heartily suggest it, along with clicking on and downloading our new album FOR FREE! FOR… etc.

And that’s it for the moment. With any luck we’ll see you out on the ever long, ever winding road

lots of Love,

The Crimea

‘Secrets of the Witching Hour UK Tour’
05/06/2007 Leeds – Rio’s
06/06/2007 Leicester – Charlotte
07/06/2007 Wolverhampton – Civic
08/06/2007 Sheffield – Leadmill
09/06/2007 Manchester – Joshua Brookes
11/06/2007 Northampton – Soundhaus
13/06/2007 Brighton – The Barfly
14/06/2007 Norwich – Arts Centre
15/06/2007 Southampton – Joiners
16/06/2007 Aldershot – West End Centre
18/06/2007 York – Fibbers
19/06/2007 Glasgow – King Tuts
20/06/2007 Edinburgh -Cabaret Voltaire
02/07/2007 London – Borderline
03/07/2007 London – Borderline

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