October 2001

Come all ye faithful
the crocketts – 23 Oct – 02:22:42 PM

The church of Kroq
Shitsville London

Dearest folk,

Sorry about our Trappist monk-like silence over the last year. We?ve spent most of it holed up writing and recording songs for the 3rd album with no partying, spray-painting or concerts at all. To be honest, there hasn?t been much to report until now.

2001 hasn?t been that kind to us so far and things started to go pear shaped when we were dropped by Fiction publishing at the start of the year after the label was sold to E.M.I. Only the Cure were kept on, everyone else was dropped.

Two long stints in the studio followed with 2 name producers and resulted in 2 batches of new material that failed to realise the potential of the demos. One producer had a mental breakdown, the other attempted to embrace technology unsuccessfully.

After spending large amounts of money on two failed recording sessions we were dropped by V2 records last Friday afternoon. We guessed it was coming when they offered to send round a hearse to come and pick us up. Things hadn?t been going too well all year. In January at our first meeting with our new Aand R man he said he wanted us to sound like Feeder and write with Ian Broudie. Both he and the record company liked completely different songs to us and so we ended up spending a lot of time working on songs that we would not have been proud to release. Now, due to the dire state of Virgin?s finances as a whole, V2 have had to Cruise missile 23 out of their 60 world-wide acts. One of the casualties was us. We are not dead yet though, just a bit hungover.

Because of our dire financial situation and the food rationing that?s followed, the Crocketts have now slimmed down to a three piece. After five years of tireless work on the frontline, and in our darkest hour, Rich decided to turn his back on the music industry and join the teaching profession. God help you/your friends/your daughters if he turns up teaching Biology in a school near you. It is a great pity and a shock that we have lost a member but he could not be persuaded otherwise.

These recent unsavoury events pale in significance when compared to the untimely death of our great friend Len Knight. He was our one time trumpet player, honorary member and the man who taught us all the intricacies of what getting plastered is all about. Everyone?s kind words and condolences via the message board / e-mails have been duly noted and passed on to Lenny?s family.

As for the future, well it can?t get any worse. Work on the album in our own bunker is continuing and a new deal is imminent. Sorry for being so crap about keeping everyone updated, we?re back on the case now and as soon as there is any news of any sort, we?ll let you know straight away. Everyone here is still committed to getting this next kick ass record out and carrying on with the world domination campaign. Hope you?re still up for it.

If we don?t believe we are all conquering, how shall we conquer.

Dan, Owen, Davey.

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