Back Catalogue Competition

Competition PrizeThe Crimea back catalogue competition just got a whole heap better with the addition of some new very special signed goodies.

The winner will now recieve, along with the whole of the band’s back catalogue (well, minus the far too rare original Tragedy Rocks), a new Weird style gray t-shirt, fully signed by each member of the band (tiny bit of mud on the back, i guess they get up to all sorts in that tour van, it’ll wipe of…), and a copy of the brand new Secrets Of The Witching Hour CD album again fully signed by the band. And it don’t stop there, there’s also random extra Jagermiester goodies courtosey band sponser Jagermusic, a setlist, a copy of The Fly magazine containing a review of the album, flyers, a wee sticker…

Fancy any of it? Well could all be yours if you send the answer to the following question along to before midnight on July 5th (increased from June 27th due to rescheduled London gigs).

What is the title of the second track from The Crimea’s first official CD release?

Further details, pics, prize info and a little clue can be found in the original competition post here, also accessible through the competition link at the top of this page.

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3 Responses to “Back Catalogue Competition”

  1. Paul Duffy says:

    Hey Chris, don’t see any Crimea matches there…

    …mind you Joe confiscated most of my packets!

  2. Christopher says:

    where is everyone getting these matches from? everyone but me seems to have em yet i’ve never seen em anywhere :( someone actually offered to send me some for the comp… maybe i should go bug her again ;)

  3. Paul Duffy says:

    I did lots of Wild ST work for the guys last year, and when they went ‘solo’ and I took over the ST, I asked Wildif they had any Crimea stuff left….i got sent 100 or so pcks. Took them to Brum, showed them to Joe who (as ever) asked if he could have a pack for his own memoribilia and then promptly took most of them!!! I have one or 2 packs left, I’ll have a look. Email me your home address and I’ll send you some if I’ve got any left (after retaining one for myself)

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