Mailing List Christmas Message.

Mailing ListMailing List Christmas Message
The Crimea are gearing up for Christmas with a party at Camden Barfly. Click [More] for the latest mailing list message.

From : Owen Hopkin
Subject : The Crimea Hit London
Date : Mon, 9 Dec 2002 18:11:02

Hello Folks,

Just a quick note to tell you we’re playing London twice in the next seven days.

Our annual Christmas bash will be held at The Barfly, London, this Wednesday
(11th December). We’re on stage at ten, there’ll be a bar ’til 1 and Owen might
even man the wheels of steel to give Saxon’s, err, ‘Wheels Of Steel’ an airing.
Aren’t you lucky?

We’re also at The Windmill in Brixton next Sunday (December 15th), as part of
the Twisted Lounge All Dayer. There’ll be a barbecue and all sorts of merriment
there, too. God knows when we’ll be on stage.

The campaign for our first single, Lottery Winners On Acid, has gone really
well, it’s sold loads and we’re all buying property in the Bahamas.

You can still get the single in various friendly shops and on-line at: (This is also the best place for other Crimea gubbins, like
directions to gigs – very handy, take it from us).

There’s plenty to announce for the future – Peel session, new guitarist – but
our mind’s so shot we’ll have to ask our managers and get back to you.

That’s it for now, hope the festive season isn’t a turkey – hopefully see you
somewhere soon,

lots of love

Les Crimea.


Sounds like the band’s just gonna get better. As for that Christmas party, Owen got in contact me a few hours ago to say this:

Just a quick note to tell you we’re going to try and do something a little bit
differerent to the other Barfly gigs. We’re going to attempt to make it our
Christmas party, have a DJ etc. there’ll also be abar ’til one, which will
obviously involves us all drinking.
Everyone should feel free to come along and make knobs of themselves.
If you could spread the word, that would be great.

So here I am spreading the word. Go to the Christmas gig. Wrap fairy lights around your person. Feed mince pies to Joe. Get Davey drunk. At least try to. Goodbye.

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5 Responses to “Mailing List Christmas Message.”

  1. Lucifer says:

    its just so unfair, why can they not do stuff like that up here for their scottish fans, at least now i know how much my loyalty over the years means to them!

    Lucifer x (yes, im still pissed off)

  2. D1939 says:

    "if the mountain wont go to mohammed"


  3. Lucifer says:

    do you want to try and get me time off work, pay for a train ticket, find and pay for accomodation? no……didnt think so!

    Lucifer x

  4. d1939 says:

    treat yourself….ITS CHRISTMAS


  5. Terry Mienie says:

    Jo i think this rocks dude keep in touch my nigger!!!!

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