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The Crimea’s Secrets Of The Witching Hour makes its way in to three magazines for a review this week, so head down your local WH Smith and check these lot out:

Play MusicThe June 2007, issue 8 of Play Music mag features the longest and best album review on page 122. The 4 / 5 rating does seem to take the opinion that this may be the band’s last goodbye though.

I daren’t mention the name of the next mag. Yet strangely it rhymes with “the Enemy“. How fitting. Anyway, their 23rd June issue, while also suprisingly passing on another chance to feature Pete Doherty or the Artic Monkeys on the cover for a Glasto 2007 title instead, have another surprise instore on page 36 with a not-one-bad-thing-to-say 6 / 10 score for the album. I guess they’ve eaten more than mud this week.

Not quite so expensive is the June 2007 issue of The Fly magazine, free from all good music venues and stores and still featuring our very own Owen Hopkin as a regular contributor. That pulls them no favours for the review though, a 3.5 / 5 on page 49 yet they’re still full of nothing but praise for the release. And if you can’t find a copy, just pop over to their website to have a read of the magazine online, for free. It’s the new way, people. Free forever.

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