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Mailing ListThe Crimea say: Take off your coat, it’s gonna be a long night!
While I watch another britpop night on BBC3, Owen Joe chokes on Ween and you lot get 2 more Crimea gigs to frequent. Now I must go, Sleeper are on.

From: The Crimea
Sent: 28 June 2007 23:43:56
Subject: The Crimea say: Take off your coat, it’s gonna be a long night!

Dear folks,

On Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd of July we’ll be hitting the Borderline in London as the grand finale to our UK Tour. Don’t call a doctor, or your priest, don’t call your mother, call the police… in short we’re going to have it large!

Its been a great tour so far and having traversed the length and longth of the UK we had deja vu many times and are on a first name basis with most of the service station staff in every shire, county and borough. Thank you for coming, those many what did, thank you to the street teamers too who were amazing and wrestled many a reluctant punter to the ground, demanding they sign up to our mailing list (Hello! and welcome if you were one of these hapless victims!)

So, see you at the Borderline on at least one of the nights, you can get tickets at or on the door if you’re early. We’ll be giving out free Jagermeister too, though we accept no responsibility for the resulting mayhem…


The Crimea

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  1. Kong says:

    Actually Chris, I penned this one…

  2. Christopher says:

    Oh… two ween fans… meh… Did you ever have a pic of you taken with the word “tripe” on it somewhere? Or was that andy? I’m gonna go mental looking for it I know :(

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