Hype? What Hype?

Andy? Hyped?I’m informed by those wiser than myself, that the current hoard of 20bzillion blog stories on The Crimea over the past two months is not enough. In what’s clearly an attempt to destroy my favorite keyboard by an endless hammering of keys, those in the know want more more more Crimea stories in your favorite blog. If you’re not content with my constant Crimea plugs on WeHeartMusic (new one with more Julz vids just posted) then get on the e-pops to any one of the blogs listed on The Hype Machine. Here’s a select few, and when I say select, I mean whatever my right click hits first. If they’re shit, I’m innocent.

ANALOG Blog, Dreams Of Horses, Sad Music, What Comets, Stars and Moons are All About, Sounds Like Funday, Coffee & Cigarettes, Lost In Your Inbox

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3 Responses to “Hype? What Hype?”

  1. vu says:

    so that’s your real motive on whm! haha

  2. Bluey says:

    I don’t understand a word of this entry. All the same. Right on!!

  3. Christopher says:

    Oh well, at least they can’t say I didn’t try… Just ignore it Blue, more pr madness.

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