Album Release Day… Again

So, today’s the day the album gets a full proper record store ‘n everything release. While forum member and Virgin employee phreaxboy spends the morning scouring the latest deliveries for any sign of Secrets Of The Witching Hour, here’s where you can get the thing much quicker and easier online:

Townsend RecordsLong time Crimea supporters (they were the only place you could buy the first album release outside of Crimea gigs) Townsend Records have the album up for £9.99 (+ £1.50 shipping). Pick up some older releases while you’re there too.

The official Crimea store at Corporation Records still has it in for £10.00 inc p&p along with a few t-shirts left. If you can’t get to a gig to buy stuff, check em out.

Chepeast but not necessarily fairest are HMV. If you support their attacks on free music (way to go, Prince) then get it from their online store for £6.99 inc p&p. I say leave em to their 75% drop in profits, they’re clearly happy enough with it.

Not known
to say particually nice things about the band (though that “crock of shite” line is possibly one of the most poetic I’ve read), Norman Records seem a little more relaxed with the new album. £8.59 + £1.00 p&p gets you more lines like “unspectacular yet foot tappingly catchy” (re. WRG).

Best of the rest: Chartacular Amazon have it for £8.99 + £too.much p&p, teletastic will ship it free once you hand over £9.99, and the world’s best supermarket Asda will do the same thing for only £7.97 and a months wait.

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