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Don't DriveSorry for the prolonged absense. New menu bar? Meh… Here’s some new music out and about that you must rush down to your local almost-in-administration record store and pick up for a discount price. Like two copies of Nintendo Fallacy for £2 each :D

The new 7″ vinyl only single from Midasuno, “Don’t Drive Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly”, is out now and available from HMV in a limited edition signed version. Someone cocked up though and it DOES NOT feature The Crimea’s very own Davey MacManus as planned. I’m assured he will be making an appearance on the soon to be released Songs In The Key Of Fuck album.

My DisguiseThis next one is the greatest record I’ve heard in a couple years. My Disguise is a mini album released by Welsh indie band Halflight. Yes they did feature Owen Hopkin on their first release. What… you wanna hear it? Oh hear you go then: Halflight – Where The Pins Drop. Bear in mind that the new album blows it to hell. If “When We Danced” is not the greatest song I hear all year I’ve been playing far too much Ash.

Aberystwyth favourites The Hot Puppies have plenty of new stuff out, including a collection of old singles and a brand new one too. A browse around their site should tell you more than I can.

Here’s a vid of stuff by my second favourite Austrailian artist Lecia. I’m told the drummer only learnt the songs the night before and apparently the stuff sucks. I’d hate to think what that says about my musical taste cos only Julz is better than this. New album out soon too. Maybe I should just go back to the Club and Tim Wheeler.Disco Siberia

Ahh I knew there was something I were missing… Crimea chums, gig support, and the only band I’ve ever seen get a 0 / 10 review (and that takes bloody effort, they’re no Hadouken but give em a break eh?), Swound! have just released their new single Disco Siberia. No sign of Crimea favourite If A Shark Stops Swimming but there’s plenty more to listen to on MySpace. And they have better t-shirts than you.

Now please excuse me while I switch hosting / servers. No updates / comments while we move please…

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