Notice Anything Missing?

If you spot any errors or suchlike in the website, esp. the blog, then please leave a comment (hopefully they work again) and lemme know. Moving hosting provides is sooo much fun :P . But hopefully ’tis finished now, so on with the news…
Update: Hit more for a current buglist, they’ll be fixed asap.

  • Menu bar text appears over pop-up images on non-blog pages (change z-index). fixed
  • Menu bar changes color on lyrics pages (change menu css). fixed
  • Left side of menu bar not appearing on message board (not a clue…).
  • Site info pop-up from crimea logo missing (probably wrong link). fixed
  • Crocketts archive page is same as Crimea’s (custom archive template).
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2 Responses to “Notice Anything Missing?”

  1. AlkartyAreple says:

    Thak you for the news

  2. Raxobigaje says:

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