John Peel had a Crimea fulled Radio 1 show last night after receiving a Christmas card from someone in the Isle Of White asking him to dedicate a romantic tune to some woman for him, and another email from someone asking him to play a tune for his daughter. Click [More] to see why I was up until midnight yesterday.

After introducing the track as “currently my favourite single” and saying it’s great, he played Lottery Winners On Acid from the Crimea’s new single, which he seems to think is an EP for some reason. After the song finishes he reads out an email from someone who’s wondering if it was Davey from The Crocketts on vocals, which Mr Peel confirms and goes on to say he hasn’t payed much attention to the Crocketts, but he has EP from 2000 and some singles which he’ll have a listen to over weekend.

He starts going on about the other tracks from the EP being excellent, and then introduces Tragedy Rocks, but plays the beggining of Blow Job Or 9 To 5 before realising his mistake and says he’s saving that one for next week. Anyway he gets on with playing Tragedy Rocks, and after it’s finished says what an excellent tune it is, and he’ll play Blow Job Or 9 To 5 sometime next week, and Lottery Winners On Acid several times again. He ends with talking about how he’s already getting emails from people saying “You’re right, it [LWOA] is a bit of a gem…”, but comes back ten minutes from the end of the show to read out an email he recieved from Christopher Friend about a Crimea website that has some mp3s on it. That would be this one then. :o )

To hear the wonder that is John Peel playing 2.1 Crimea songs in one evening, click to hear Thursday 12th’s show but remember it’ll be gone a week from now. Skip to one hour in for the beggining of Lottery Winners On Acid, one hour ten minutes for the beggining of Tragedy Rocks and one hour fifty minutes in to hear my name mentioned on Radio 1. To quote a Murry The Hump cartoon: “fuck me I’m famous”.

Oh and just this second Owen’s sent me this…
Well done for getting Peel to mention the website. Fucking amazing. I can’t
believe what he was saying last night. Unbelievable. We’ve broken more ground on
national radio with one single than we did in five years with the Crocketts.

Well fuck me, we’re all famous.

Below is the tracklisting for the John Peel show on 12/12/02, which you can also view here.
The Datsuns – ‘All I Want For Christmas (LP – Christmas On The Rocks)’ (Fast Food)
Ladytron – ‘Fire (Lp – Light & Magic)’ (Telstar)
Jimi Hendrix – ‘Fire (Lp – The Ultimate Experience)’ (Polydor)
Xela – ‘Inbetween Two Rooms (LP – For Frosty Mornings And Summer Nights)’ (Neo Ouija)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Miles Away’ (John Peel Session)
Yeah Yeah Noh – ‘Bias Binding (LP – When I Am A Big Girl)’ (In Tape)
Total Science – ‘Kingpin (Future Cut Remix) (Lp – Audioworks)’ (C.I.A.)
Eddie & Ernie – ‘Tell It Like It Is (LP – Eddie & Ernie)’ (Kent)
Gun – ‘Race With The Devil (7″)’ (Cbs)
Dizzy Gillespie & His Sextet – ‘Stardust’ (Deegee)
Melt Banana – ‘Monkey Man (Split Melt Banana/Big D And The Kids Table EP)’ (Fork In Hand)
P.P. Roy – ‘Working In Harmony Together (LP – Seven Up)’ (Rephlex)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Tick’ (John Peel Session)
Songs: Ohia – ‘Keep It Steady (7″)’ (Secretly Canadian)
Barbed – ‘We’re Doing Well Now (LP – Various – The Fire This Time)’ (Hidden Art)
The Carter Family – ‘Untitled (Instrumental)/What Would You Give In Exchange For My Soul (Lp – On Border Radio Vol 1)’ (Arhoolie)
Crimea – ‘Lottery Winners On Acid (CD Single)’ (Shiny Beast)
Scott Brown – ‘Twilight Zone (12″ – Hardcore))’ (Evolution Records)
Crimea – ‘Tragedy Rocks (Cd Single – Lottery Winners On Acid)’ (Shiny Beast)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Maps’ (John Peel Session)
Six Parts Seven – ‘Now Like Photographs (LP – Things Shaoed In Passing)’ (Suicide Squeeze)
Vern Blair Debate – ‘Super Funk (LP – Texas Funk 1968 – 1975)’ (Jazzman)
Rude 66 – ‘Nerves Of Steel (De Wraak Der Wegpiraten)’ (Bunker)
Will Oldham And Others – ‘We All We Three Will Ride (7″)’ (Isota)
Technical Itch Vs Kemal – ‘The Calling (12″)’ (Moving Shadow)
Applejacks – ‘Like Dreamers Do (7″)’ (Decca)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Y Control’ (John Peel Session)
Bonnie Prince Billy – ‘The Way (LP – Master And Everyone)’ (Domino)
End – ‘An Elaborate Accounting Hoax (LP – Science/Fiction)’ (Hymen)

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4 Responses to “Evening of Crimea on John Peel.”

  1. owen says:

    John Peel! Bloody fantastic.

  2. Ally says:

    Legendary, i’m well impressed.

  3. d1939 says:

    "We’ve broken more ground on
    national radio with one single than we did in five years with the Crocketts."

    Dont know if this is true i’m sure i heard ‘HOST’ in the background of the Queen Vic in albert square!!


  4. reverend tog says:

    melt banana!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    god bless john peel………………………………………………………………………

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