Most Informative Post Ever

Huh. Not content with stealing my thunder as official site, some fool has gone and made a post there so informative and obscure the likes of which are hitherto unseen outside of

Yes, the Victoria line is down! Tube fans lament, while attendees of the Crimea’s Brixton Windmill gig tomorrow can get the 133, 159, 59 & 333, and “virtually every bus [that] goes from near Oval to Brixton”. Apparently it’s only 10 mins away, unless it gets jacked by some no good type. But only I’m that unlucky.Bert Is Hot

PS. they play at 4pm, doors 2.30pm. Hot tip: Get pissed, fall asleep outside, then wake up tomorrow around the same time for a BBQ and Abersytwyth’s 2nd finest export The Hot Puppies.

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