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Seems like a hot topic lately so here is where you, your friends and your musical colleagues can find all The Crimea’s UK chart positions: lists everything from the second (well… 3rd) LWOA release at 31 to the 2nd Tragedy Rocks release at 196. Just scroll down the page ’til you see the band’s entry.

Radiohead eh? They release a free album and you’d think it had never been done before. Strangely I’m not the only person to be interested in anyone noting otherwise; Davey himself wishes to point you all in the direction of Times Online’s industry critique titled The Day The Music Industry Died which, in a nutshell, says “Earlier this year another rock band, the Crimea, did the same”.

More impressive is Q4 Music’s piece on “5 moments that changed music”. Yes people, along with Led Zepplin being tight fisted, Levi removing a top, Mariah Carey following with the pants off EMI and Gnarls Barkley being, well, Gnarls Barkley… The Crimea’s Secrets Of The Witching Hour free download release is apparently the 5th most important event in music history. Go figure. And hit more for the full 2 paragraphs.

5 moments that changed music

Retail and record label blowhards have been whinging about Radiohead’s decision to let fans choose how much to pay for their new album, In Rainbows. It’s yet another example, they argue, of recorded music being systematically devalued. First Prince gives his new album away with the Mail On Sunday, now this.

Doesn’t it prove the exact opposite, though? So far more Radiohead fans have pre-ordered the £40 discbox than the digital version. Thom Yorke is known to be a fan of the physical artifact – he’s a vinyl junkie, and has always worked closely with artist Stanley Donwood in designing Radiohead’s artwork. Perhaps that was the point all along: to prove to the industry that people will pay for music, if it’s packaged in a compelling way.

Either way, it feels like a ground-breaking manoeuvre, one that will have lasting consequences for the way major artists distribute their music. It got us thinking about some other key staging-posts in music history…

5. The Crimea offer entire album as a free download
A bold, forward-thinking step, though the London-based indie oddballs must have been disappointed with the results. Secrets Of The Witching Hour has been downloaded 60,000 times. That’s only 20,000 more than their last album sold at full price.
Significance: Proof that album sales count for less, from a band’s point of view, than touring and merchandise.

Article by Luke Lewis for Q4 Music, 04/10/07.

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