Ho ho… who?

It is I… ah who cares. Sorry I’ve been away so long; too busy hacking Xboxes, wireless hotspots & scart cables, playing video games, taking apart PCs and promptly putting them back together again (just like oversized novelty eggs), and trying to figure out the many technicalities of the UK’s video broadcasting and playback systems. Anyway, you don’t care about that do you? Crimea!

Well keep your eyes glued to the adverts for once and look out for a certain Trident Gum advert. Damn fools gone loop a loop… for the nation… erm…

And check out starting tomorrow (well, technically, today) for more freebies. Damn world gone loop loop a loop a loo… And I do promise to fix up the site soon…netime. My mind just wanders…

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