Loop A Loop Release

For the first time in i-dunno-how-many years, The Crimea have a new and unique single release! Unique in more ways that one, as it’s not your normal trip-to-HMV gig; the band are continuing their trend setting release tactics by making the single available not only for free but from a multitude of various sources in a number of different guises.

I’m not sure of the exact count – some say 16, others 12, I’m guessing around 10 – but a number of different remixes of the single will be available exclusively from various blogs around t’net this week. The official website has the full lowdown, though you may have to wait a little for them all to appear (mine’s still on the way ;o), but here’s a few to get you started:Loop A Loop

The original radio edit is available at on the Trident Gum website and is also featured as the soundtrack to their new advert, as seen on TV right now or also their website.

Indie MP3 feature a Ricardo Autobahn Vocal Remix and various indie pop music reviews.

Get Weird feature the funky Rex Kwondo Remix and a wonderful day-glow skin.

Hits In The Car have the “laid back” The Brute Chorus Remix and other music news.

Galaxy FM feature the Black Litter Baby remix and some, err, european stylings.

Instrumental Analysis feature the reggae Rood-ID Dub A Loop Remix and plenty of other band profiles.

Akira The Don’s Akira The Don remix is available on Akira The Don’s blog and his All Star Akira The Don 15 mixtape which can be purchased for about £5 via the Akira The Don MySpace page. I’ll stop saying Akira The Don now.

Badminton Stamps have the Beatcave Remix and plenty of Philly attitude.

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19 Responses to “Loop A Loop Release”

  1. Lilywhite says:

    Hey Peps, how do you get the day-glow skin?

  2. Galaxy fm ® says:

    Gracias por el vínculo… tendremos a The Crimea mientras sigan creando buena música… un saludo desde Los Mochis, Sinaloa, México…

  3. Christopher says:

    @ Lily – does it not seem a lil fluorescent to you?

    @ Galaxy – erm… yes! loving the cat… mexican food is great :) my knowledge of spanish, not so much…

  4. Hol says:

    Hola, Galaxy fm! Donde en Mexico usted vive? Soy de Arkansas en los estados unidos (cerca de Texas…). Dónde usted oyó hablar The Crimea?

    Sieto, yo no hablo espanol bien!! Espero que usted comprehenda mi nota.


    (impressed, Christopher? lol! Just wait ’til you have someone from Russia leave a note. Then you’ll be properly shocked and awed.)

  5. Denyer says:

    The RA one isn’t bad (mainly ’cause it doesn’t change much) — hopefully his Spray side-project CD is gonna get released this year…

    Trident? Someone executive made a good pick. :)

  6. I have a fantastic remix that Davey sent me last year, unfortunatly his email address is bouncing back errors so I’m not sure whether to post it or not???

    Don’t want to just upload with getting official nod. At work so not heard the other mixes but Stuart James does the version I have and its a classic (very much in James style).

  7. Christopher says:

    Email me ( ) and i’ll pass it on to the band, I think davey’s pc did something weird so that may or may not be why it’s bouncing back. But you’re probably good to post it anyway so long as no one else has :)

  8. Galaxy fm ® says:

    In Los Mochis, Sinaloa, northwest Mexico, we represent an alternative bootleg fm radio station, no commercial breaks, just music; at night we initiate transmissions (8:15 p.m.) – tuesdays, wednesdays, fridays and saturdays. Our radio station is called ‘Galaxy’, our frequency is 94.3 fm.

    We got to know The Crimea because we listen to different radio stations, thanks to the internet and the Sirius radio service in North America…

    Saludos amigos…

  9. Denyer says:

    “We’re delighted to announce that we’re releasing ‘Loop a Loop’ from our album ‘Secrets of the Witching Hour’ along with 12 (that’s right t-w-e-l-v-e, read ‘em and weep with joy) other cracking remixes *AND 3 B-SIDES*”

    Anyone found the other one yet?

    Help me Obi Wan Inaudible, you’re the only person that seems to have a handle on things…

  10. Christopher says:

    Christ man don’t ask me, they keep popping up left right n centre but everyone else seems to have found more than i have…

    You don’t happen to have any ideas about the RTE vid do you? tried a few proxy ideas last night but got nowhere. Bar finding someone in ireland to rip it… Although the majority of the last series has been on piratebay at one point…

  11. Alex Wild says:

    check out the ElectricManiacFoundation Remix of LOOP a LOOP!

    hope you enjoy it!


  12. Alex Wild says:

    now it would be cool, if i told you where to find it although I know you could google it!

    Loop a loop remixes on!

    greets alex

  13. Denyer says:

    Didn’t have any joy with proxies, haven’t heard back from my friendly Irishman, so I’m guessing he’s either busy and has forgotten or didn’t get NetTransport to work on the stream…

  14. Christopher says:

    denyer! did you just see gavin and stacey? hot puppies on the soundtrack! love soup i think… really weird…

  15. Denyer says:

    Never heard of it before googling… “Heartbreak Soup”, “Love or Trial” or a new song? And is the show any good?

    Not promising anything, but might still be able to come up with someone in Ireland.

  16. Christopher says:

    Sorry yeah it was heartbreak soup, from the “under the crooked moon” album (which you should get if you haven’t got, it’s got a couple of good tracks on).

    never mind about the ireland guy, they seem to put all their shows up for global viewing after a few months (all the old other voices vids play fine).

  17. Denyer says:

    Well, you don’t have to wait that long. Check your mail. :)

    “which you should get if you haven’t got”

    Got everything I’m aware of so far. Wasn’t as enamoured with the last single as the earlier stuff, but I like Somewhere (which will be the next single. Quite funky b-side, too.)

    Reckon their best release so far has been Over My Dead Body, which you can get straight from the band.

  18. SJD says:

    Just received this in my inbox…

    “To celebrate this week’s single release (we still have those in England) Radiohead have broken up the song ‘Nude’ into pieces for you to remix.

    For those of you who enjoy this sort of thing, you can buy the separate components or ‘stems’ (bass, voice, guitar, strings/FX and drums) and remix your own version of the song. You can do this by adding your own beats and instrumentation or just remixing the original parts. More information here:

    You can buy the stems here:

    You can upload your finished mixes here and be judged and even voted on by ‘the public’.
    You can also create a widget allowing votes from your own website, Facebook or MySpace page to be sent through too.

    Hope you enjoy it

    For those of you who aren’t that way inclined, Nude is also available in its entirety on CD and 7 inch (UK release) at the usual retail outlets.”

    Another blatant rip-off of a genius Crimea idea

  19. [...] was then recorded and released as a free download, as a “B-side” to the free Loop-a-Loop download(s). The other B-side was Can’t Forget You Girl, a track based around the melody [...]

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