Showin’ some love…

If things have seemed all too quiet on the front lines of The Crimea, rest assured the cannons are being prepped to fire, dragoons are being assembled…get ready for a brilliant summer campaign.

First up – an article from The Guardian detailing the changes occurring in the music industry and innovative approaches artists are taking to promote themselves. Davey’s bit is in the middle… but I know you’re going to read the entire article, right? sure you are.

Next is… oh dear…sorry. *sigh* I just can’t get past the photo. Will someone please make sure Davey has ready access to a razor and shaving foam on a semi-regular basis? Joe…? Talking to you. Let’s keep this sort of thing a “one-off”: This Is London’s 12 Bar gig review.

Camden New JournalLastly… a scanned copy of The Camden New Journal, hot off the press today…and technically it is still Thusday over here in the CST. Davey is front page news in lovely drenched splendor from the 48A Waiting Steps video. Don’t miss the great side bar in which the journalist encourages you to miss the birth of your first child to see a Crimea show. Ok, maybe she doesn’t say that exactly. But you could certainly get away with missing the birth of your second child…um, unless you are the mother, of course.
Ok that only leaves one thing. Must figure out how to upload said scan to this thing. CHRISTOPHER!! How do you upload stuff to this thing!!?? It’s not letting me upload!
Oh never mind…here’s a link to the scanned glory – And here’s a link to the web page of the Camden New Journal.

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3 Responses to “Showin’ some love…”

  1. Denyer says:

    Shame the Camden didn’t get the URL right… they seem to have jumped the gun or got the wrong end of the stick with new release stuff too.

    I think on balance I prefer the Things To Avoid demo to Only Living Boy — mostly for “pay attention to others, give a damn about anything, lift a finger, lend a hand, try to understand, try to understand… don’t believe in sugar-coating things, don’t believe in hiding from the truth, don’t believe in tip-toeing around, don’t believe in letting old dogs lie, don’t believe in kindness, good old fashioned kindness, wherefore art thou kindness…”

    Richly deserves a release of its own, that does.

  2. Denyer says:

    Really like the “How To Make You Laugh” track up on Myspace at the moment. :)

  3. Denyer says:

    Incidentally, if anyone wants the audio to the video, I suggest a combination of, getting the .mp4 and applying AVIdemux.

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