XFMThanks be to Andy for passing along this link to the Crimea Xfm’s Radio session in April. Unfortunately they don’t have the session in its entirety, but you can listen to them perform Lottery Winners on Acid, Loop a Loop, and The Psychologist (a/k/a I know how to make you laugh).

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3 Responses to “XFM Radio Session”

  1. Lilywhite says:

    And it didn’t occur to them that some of us might have liked to listen to this live? FFS!!

  2. holly says:

    go on girl, vent that spleen! lol

    don’t look at me, Christopher was the lone person doing updates when this even happened. ;)


  3. Holly says:

    sorry – supposed to be ‘event happened’. The ‘t’ on my mac pro keyboard is always screwing up.

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