A bit of mandolin on a Sunday evening…seriously, how can you go wrong? The late great John Dowland will certainly be smiling (ok, so he was a lute player…whatever. I just like to give the old boy a plug whenever I can).

Davey and Joe will be joining The Big Sur Sunday Sessions this Sunday, 25 May. Catch it at Two Floors in Soho, London W1 (Kingly Street off Carnaby). It all kicks off at 3pm and goes all the way to…what! 1am?!!? Sorry – just reading the details for the first time myself. That’s a pretty big chunk of time…will see if I can find out what time Davey and Joe take the stage.

If you’re on Facebook, you can check out The Big Sur Sunday Sessions events page here and RSVP.

UPDATEJ&D go on at 9pm.   But if you’re one of the first 50 people at the venue when the whole shin-dig kicks off, you will get a **free drink.**

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3 Responses to “Davey and Joe go acoustic this Sunday”

  1. Christopher says:

    you been checking out my page, hol? :p

  2. Holly says:…..ooohhhh LAST.FM. um, feeling a bit sheepish here…just thought it was an advert. Didn’t realize it was a radio station. This is why I must shclock vanity out the door and start wearing my glasses again.

    I will check it out, tho!

  3. Christopher says:

    it’s a music database site, keeps records of everything you listen to (used to be called audiogalaxy), and also has a nice section to add events for bands. i use them to add all the crimea’s events to: then use the rss stream to fill the gigs page on this site. used to do it all by hand in a format very similar to your old one, but i can’t be arsed with all the html anymore :(

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