If you’re looking for something to do in London Thursday night (05 June), might I suggest popping down to the North London Tavern around 7:30-ish, which should give you enough time to gather a fine spirit from the bar before Davey and Joe take the stage at 8pm. Davey said this is a warm-up gig for the *free* Proud Gallery solo set on Sunday afternoon (08 June) and the full Crimea gig at the Enterprise on Monday (09 June). It’s only 5 quid to get in and there are two other acts on after Davey and Joe. (Burning Leaves at 9pm, Rodney Fisher & the rest).The Crimea are bringing their candle-lit shows to Cardiff and Glasgow next month. Catch them at The Gate in Cardiff on Wednesday, 02 July and at the Barfly upstairs in Glasgow on Monday, 07 July.Finally – one more new London gig – Bush Hall on Wednesday 09 July.  Crimea by candle light in an Edwardian- era music hall…if you haven’t been to this venue check out the website.  Chandeliers, fancy millwork…stunning.   All I can say is they better play there again when I move back to London!Watch this space – there are probably more shows in the pipeline!

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2 Responses to “London, Wales, & Scotland Gigs!”

  1. Lilywhite says:

    Noooooooooooooo! We go on holiday on July 9th – we won’t be able to go to Bush Hall :’-(

  2. Holly says:

    hey, misery enjoys company…I won’t either. but at least you’re going to be someplace lovely and exotic!


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