The man Ledlin does it again. My new favourite Crimea fan was at The Enterprise on May 8th to video the whole thing, and Davey’s just upped the majority to his Youtube page. Long gone are the days when you just got a shitty cassette recording using some old headphones as a mic, or even my poor attempts at minidisc recording with excess base levels. Hell this guy even makes my dad’s MP4 recording digital camera redundant. It’s like there’s no use for me in the world no more :( Oh well, quality vid time 8) Check the rest out at

And don’t forget, if you wanna see them there’s no better place than at Sister Ray records in London on this coming Monday (30th June). Not only will you get a chance to buy a hard copy of the new single and a special instore apperance but you’ll also get access to the evening’s secret gig with non other than old skool Crimea guitar goddess Julz Parker featuring one way or another. Meanwhile I’ll be stuck here praying to god the J meister’s doing his thing again as it’s the only way I’m gonna get to see owt. O spare room where for art thou?

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  1. Holly says:

    Christopher, seriously. Pull it together, man. No use for you? whatever. Did you forget this is YOUR website???!!???

    Just wait till I get over there. You obviously need your ears boxed or some other form of tough love.

    all the best!

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