Most bands release things on Tuesdays.  Once again bucking conventional trends, the Crimea released their latest single ‘The 48a Waiting Steps’ on  30 June…a Monday, if you can believe it.  (Think of it as a gift to the common working man and woman out there who normally look upon Mondays with much dread.)    After an unscheduled run to Curry’s for some gear (no, not that kind of gear, we’re talking the proper electrical stuff), the release party got under way at legendary Sister Ray records.  Were you lucky enough to score one of 100 exclusive limited editions of the single, complete with the chickenscratch masquerading as lyrics personally hand-scrawled by Mr. Macmanus?  If you were, lucky you…because that means you probably got the chance to see them again at their secret gig later that evening.  (Tell us what you think/what you thought at the official Crimea message boards, why don’t ya?)But having reported all that it’s time to get down to some bidness.  Reviews!

  • Room 13 is up first with a glowing bit of praise for the new single. It’s so nice that we’ll even forgive lovely Jim at Room 13 for misspelling Davey’s name (it’s not Davy as in the former Monkee). 
  • Glasswerk aptly notes that ‘Davey Macmanus trembles over another epic short player…”
  • Contact Music gave the single a respectable 7/10.
  • Beat Surrender offers 3/5 More reviews are on the way so stayed tuned.

Or be sure to notify us if you see a kind word or two floating about that’s worth sharing. 

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