We’re gathering up the vigilantes again to deliver some good old fashioned mob-style justice.  Go to the Vodafone Live Music Awards nomination website here and type The Crimea in the ‘LIVE UNSIGNED’ catagory.  Vote early, vote often.    

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7 Responses to “Nominate The Crimea in Vodafone Live Music Awards”

  1. Christopher says:

    lol i remember you doing this kinda thing back in the day. still, i’m sure web firms are more wise to the multi-clicking world these days. plus amy winehouse has already won it.

  2. Christopher says:

    oh wait “unsigned”…. are the crimea unsigned? does it count if they ever have been? meh… oh new tear-n tan pics on flickr… you know that’s actually her name. i think it’s a her anyway….

  3. hol says:

    Were you put on this planet to vex me? I’m starting to think so. *sigh*

    Kindly quit muddling the issue with facts and just get on with reckless repeated voting, will you?

    ps – what is this tear-n-tan business you’re on about, then?

  4. Hol says:

    christopher = petrol in Hol’s diesel engine.



  5. christopher says:


    i was only saying… :| :)

    tear-n is a photographer who’s always taking crimea pics. also owner of the only name i’ve ever seen with a punctuation mark in it. and apparently a friend of mad vegetarians.

  6. Paul says:

    I’ve timed how long you two spent typing that up….it’s cost us 12 votes!

  7. hol says:

    no worries christopher. we have a good yin-yang relationship going here. ;)

    back to nominations, then…


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