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Enterprise FlyerSo… This place is deserted then. I’m currently spending my time doing a million things, well… playing video games, but it’s practically work. At least, I’m making money and cadbury’s cream eggs from it, if not much. But I have a real job interview soon too. So then I’ll have even *less* time for this place. Sorry guys. Tragedy rocks. Still, you’re not missing much, but there are a couple of things you and your blue dog need to know about.

Yup, two solo shows from Kernel Krok, Thursday 20th Nov (in two days time!) and Thursday 5th December, both at old Crimea utopian haunt The Enterprise, you know where, and if not, get outta here! Expect old skool tracks – Frog on a Stick, Bluster Boy, Lottery Winners, Oliver Twisted… maybe not; I can dream.

The other thing is the pantented super shiny all conquering Crimea Christmas Show. Should be at Fortress Studios in Shoreditch, London, on 17th 18th December. I’ve said it before but really, if you’re expecting many more of these things you’re on something stronger than Davey’s ever taken, so it’s really one not to sit back and miss.

And that’s it. To think, this time in 2005 I was posting 8 updates a day, I guess youth doesn’t last. Still, you can still find you much more up-to-date Crimea news on both their MySpace page, Davey’s newly launched Facebook page, and of course the official Crimea website. Now be gone, and leave this place to dangle from a streetlight on an autumn afternoon. And who knows, you loved em once, maybe they’ll stun you enough to empty your cash kitty and fund Davey’s next song on the back of an envelope.

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4 Responses to “Solo & Christmas Shows”

  1. davey says:

    beautifully written hol

  2. Christopher says:

    if there was any doubt the above was not *the* davey…. hehehee….. “by Christopher.” Thanks anyway, I do play to my feminine side far too much I know. And thank god someone noticed, spent ages subvertively slotting stuff in :) Think I overdid it a little though :P

  3. not davey says:

    beautifully written anyway Chris/Hol – have you 2 ever been seen in the same room together?

  4. Christopher says:

    Errrm…. no? I’m now as confused as davey :|

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