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Jazz Cafe Review

I know, I know, the video’s taking forever. Audio decided to unsync itself and took 3 hours to redo. Now just 230 minutes left until it’s uploaded. Again. Unless anything else goes wrong 😐 . So here’s a review instead.

The-Crimea-at-Jazz-Cafe-The-Upcoming-Andrei-Grosu-4_800x532The boys from The Upcoming were out in force – with photographer Andrei Grosu sat right next to yours truly, and he managed to get some excellent shots. I knew that spare seat would come in handy πŸ™‚ Journo Aoife O’Driscoll was probably slumming it down with the standing crowd, but still managed to get a four star write-up online. Hit more for both that and the pics, and if anyone finds Andrei’s website let me know, he deserves some credit πŸ™‚ . Specially as they credit immortalsoon in the review links πŸ˜‰ .

Roisin Gadelrab of the Camden Review also attended, but clearly missed the humour in the bloke shouting “FROG ON A STIICKKK” through half the show. Matt swears it wasn’t him. Of course it wasn’t. It’s deffinately not him shouting through every other live recording ever either. We love you really πŸ™‚ . Cept Miss Roisin. Who was also dissapointed she couldn’t find Annie Macmanus, who was actually there for a short time, at the back downstairs somewhere. Fame gets you nowhere in a Crimea gig. I should know. Well it gets you in to soundcheck but otherwise. (Srsly though, it’s been a pleasure, thanks Joe/Owen/Andy/Davey/Whoever).

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WiP – Jazz Cafe Media

UPDATE: It’s here!!!

One post, all the links πŸ™‚

Yes I know, get the video up already… it’s coming πŸ™‚ To start with, here’s all the soundcheck vids I have. Cameo by Martin (red top) fidling with wires, and Reay checking the levels in his old and still-in-one-piece (unlike mine) t-shirt with added CREW logo πŸ˜€ . Now that’s some priceles memorabilia right there.

The above includes all my own videos (to be updated as I upload more), in this playlist:

That is, the following (only edited within YouTube to increase brightness levels, otherwise raw):

1. Davey one-two-ing.
2. Lottery Winners On Acid soundcheck.
3. Something musical.
4. Jellyfish soundcheck.
5. A big box of merch.

1. The Stage
2. Gig Part 1
3. Gig Part 2
Or watch a mix here of parts 1 and 2 plus missing audio between Who Knows (sorry, iPod cocked up – had a backup but only in audio). Video appears very very slightly more compressed in the mix, which is why the originals are linked above.

Setlist + Other’s Videos
1. Loop a Loop
2. Jellyfish (feat. Tara Blaise) debhdebh – Full, SD
3. Last Plane Out Of Saigon (feat. Tara Blaise)
4. Opposite Ends (feat. Julz Parker) debhdebh – Full, SD
5. Mid-air Collisions (feat. Tara Blaise)
6. Baby Boom (feat. Julz Parker) debhdebh – Full, SD
7. Bad Vibrations (feat. Julz Parker)
8. Witches Broom (feat. Tara Blaise)
9. Shredder (feat. Tara Blaise)
10. Requiem Aeternam (feat. Tara Blaise)
11. How To Make You Laugh (feat. Tara Blaise) debhdebh – Full, SD
12. Who Knows
13. Someone’s Crying (feat. Tara Blaise)
14. Only Living Boy And Girl
15. Everywhere (feat. Tara Blaise) Fleetwood Mac cover. debhdebh – Full, SD
16. Lottery Winners On Acid (feat. Tara Blaise & Julz Parker) Tom Raffe – Clip, HD | tansytudor – Full, SD | debhdebh – Full, SD

Oh ok one more then.

Hah. Just teasing. I’ll be on a train for the next 5 hours. Might already have something ready for tomorrow though…

Lets get this shit going then…

Just for some warm up, the warm up: Pat Dam Smyth.

Bit blury (blame the lighting, like I said – bats, only bats…). Audio’s good. Upload’s good. 720p (remember to change it up). A few edits for the saturation, wait for YouTube to do it’s thing. Otherwise it’s all good. Now jump back a few hours:

Testing, testing…

And you’ll have to wait until Sunday for any more. I have more than I thought to sort though. Oh woe is I… πŸ™‚

Other’s Pics and Vid

Really, you should just see this as a small taster of what I have instore, but as I’m off to Aberystwyth (where it all began) tomorrow, I’m a bit busy like. So unless a miracle and a 5GB upload happens in the next couple hours, you’ll have to make do with this lot for now. And apologies for the lax credits, there’s a heck of a lot of random-o-person individual shots everywhere rightnow.

Here’s Davey, by Ste Whiley.
Another from the side, by Alan Stafford.
An angle you’ll come to see much more of shortly, from the top, by Andrew Dyke.
A few tagged in Davey’s own album, including the finale of Lottery Winners On Acid (anything with bubbles in).
A load more by Claire Stannard.
Taken from Owen’s FB page – the final bow, originally by Alex Wayne (@squeegy).
And if you don’t know who this guy is, gtfo (tip: he deffinately did went. and deffinately did sign my/his CD πŸ˜€ ).

Like I say, just see this as a taster, just a taster… thanks tansytudor, at least you’re quicker than me πŸ˜‰

Ohhh yeah baby…

Anyone who couldn’t get to the gig, start thanking me now πŸ˜‰ It may take a few days (bit of editing to do), but for once I even outdid my own l337 recording skillzorz, just had a quick watch and it is sweeeet πŸ˜€ .

Album Reviews and Gig Preview

Is it out yet, is it out yet? To be honest, I dunno, I guess, maybe, everyone has their copy anyways, so err… whatever. One thing’s for sure – come back later today and I deffinately totally 100% will be releasing a special outing for the album in a way only ImmortalSoon can do πŸ˜‰ Update: It is out yet! Or so says Davey n co.

13509_largeThe official release is still getting high praise from the press though, as IndieLondon proove – 4 / 5 with a long writeup and tracklisting, just incase you forget.

Tumblr blog the Whiteboard Project also feature a plug, giving Square Moon their Album Of The Week prize.

Music blog Deezer feature a quick plug for the album in their Discovery Monday section.

And just incase you needed an excuse to go, Never Enough Notes have a preview up of tomorrow’s Jazz Cafe gig finale. Now I must go, some of us have work to do….

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2000 Trees Photos

2000 Trees There’s not many, but Dominic Meason and both have a few shots of the band at 2000 Trees festival a couple weeks ago If you find any more though, let me know.

Dominic’s are here and here.
Photomatic’s are here, here and here.

2000 Trees Preview & Setlist

So there’s no actual reviews yet, but this guy probably liked em πŸ™‚ Ben Marwood has a small preview on his blog or just hit more. FWIW, the Dear Diedre thing, the whole band were in it ;o) – see the actual article scanned here for the lulz.

Also, new Web 2.0 service (or are we up to 3.0 now, geez I’m still on -1 here) is coming in handy – ten years too late but hey at least it’s here – and has details of the 2000 Trees set. Now impress me by getting the final *ever* show at the Jazz Cafe on the 30th up there before I do πŸ˜‰ .

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2000 Trees Rehersals

owenrehersal2000treesUp on Facebook, Owen’s just posted an image of rehersals for the 2000 Trees show later today, saying “The view from the driving seat… last few rehearsals for penultimate show. Feeling good.“. I’m sure he won’t mind you adding him as a friend for more regular updates on his current and future careers.

And if you’re at the gig (stage time is 13:55 – 14:30), let us know in the comments of any pics or videos you upload, and don’t forget to grab your copy of Square Moon a little early too.

So, those gigs…

And for once, just for once, you get some warning πŸ™‚ This is it kids, like a Michael Jackson finale, finis, dead and gone, but not forgotten. Hopefully no one dies before these ones though. Fingers crossed, then. Comment if you’re going – organise a meetup or just reminisce.

The Jazz Cafe Logo12th July 2013 (that’s next Friday, folks) – 2000 Trees Festival, Upcote Farm, Gloucestershire.
Details at – they play the Main Stage, relatively early (third band) on .

30th July 2013 – The Jazz Cafe, Camden, London.
Home page at, doors at 7pm but, you know, I think timing may be thrown out the window more than any other show. Hit more to see what the Jazz Cafe guys have to say about the gig, but expect tears, goodbyes, thankyous, and possibly even some songs if the lads can fit them in between. Hopefully someone will bring a decent camcorder, I think the iPhone will be staying somewhat pocketed for this one. And then that’s it. Well, mostly. There is that small issue of an orphanage to be built…. πŸ˜‰

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While we wait for gigs…

I just stumbled over my old YouTube account, which seems to have just been unblocked by the powers that be (don’t ask…). So anyways, I found plenty of old Crimea vids on it, including the below. If you’ve never snuck in to a Crimea soundcheck before – I say snuck, you just walk in to be fair – here’s your virtual chance to watch, well, not much really. The band getting blinded by lights, and a cameo from sound tech Rae. Jesus no one even swears. Unlike some videos. Sorry for the random editing too, missed the start of one song. So without further ado, Christmas 2006’s soundcheck. Now make sure you get to one during the upcoming shows – I can’t be the only one to piss everyone off all the time πŸ˜‰ .

And *They’re* Back!

Promo Shot 2013Well, I said one more thing… This might actually count as quite a few more things πŸ™‚ Yup, you didn’t think they were dead did you? (well, I did, but that’s me right put in my place). Now, to rediscover my old image directory structure… Where the hell did I put those files… And how the heck do I write news posts again? Meh. Here goes…

They’re back! Yup, like everyone’s favourite Ghostbusting sequel, the boys are back with more new news to know than you knew you could know news. Firstly, we’re not the only refreshed website back in action. has had a facelift too. Like it?


Social media addict I may not be – I’m gonna join Davey in sitting on the fence for this stuff – but the rest of you, who actually know what a Twitter is, The Crimea now has one! @The_Crimea is where you can find all the tweeting goodness. If I ever figure out how to use the damn thing, I may put a feed to the right of this page or somethingwhatever.

Wait, you want real news? Ok then.

They just signed to a new record lable!

Actually, not one, but two, for good measure. The lucky, lucky, lucky chaps over at Lazy Acre Recording Company and Alcopop! Records are about to get the ole news-feed archiving treatement below, but for now, simply check out their sites for all the gosip. They both of course also have one of these twitting things, @ilovealcopop and @lazyacrerecords will continue to befuzzle me until I get the hang of posting news in 140 characters.

Yeah, fuck that.

13509_largeAlbum Release! Inded. You can’t fit “fffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” in 140 characters can you?

Crimea album Square Moon will get another, hopefully much less limited release, on double vinyl record (and inevitable download) towards the end of July (officially, 29th, but you know what these boys are like with time keeping). Both Lazy Acre and Alcopop already have a sample up of every G.I.’s favourite, Last Plane Out Of Saigon. Not to be left out, hit more to hear it in all it’s flash player glory (yeah, it really slows down the main page loading), and remember to sing along. “#We’re better together…#”

Oh yeah, gigs. Ruddy gigs! If you haven’t checked the official website already, here you go:

12th July 2013 – 2000 Trees Festival
30th July 2013 – Jazz CafΓ©, London

I think it’s fair to say, get booking your days off work now! And don’t fret if you can’t make these, there should be plenty more to come.

I think I’m running out of space now, so I’ll spare you any more. Other than pointing you towards the clearly-quite-good Kate Booker / Faded Photography who appears to be providing the band’s new PR shots. Kate, if I ever e-mail you, run a mile. You’ll never hear the last of me. πŸ™‚

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New Gig Media

Yes yes, lazy etc, bitches got houses and lives to sort these days you know… ok, maybe not the life bit. And hey, there’s always time for Crimea πŸ™‚

There’s was time back in 2006 when AAA Photography snapped the guys at Oxegen fest, at Punchestown Races in Ireland, 07/07/2006.

There was time a couple months ago (time flys…) for someone other than myself to take some vid of the band playing at Union Chapel. The current entire vid collection is here, or just the new ‘un:

And a coule people – Rodger Button and Michelle MendonΓ§a managed to catch Davey (and Tara) at the charity Fear of Sky gig last week – the latter even getting the below video of Lottery Winners (I know, again):

‘Sall for now, but lots (and lots, and lots) of background reading coming up…

If ever there was a time…

…to save a kids life, or just improve it for a while, following the last post is probably fitting.

Fear of Sky Concert part 2.

That’s Davey Macmanus playing a charity gig at Camden Enterprise (you know where it is by now, surely) on 21st June 2012. Tickets here, or just send donations direct to Davey’s bank account (details in these FB comments so long as you’re friends with Davey). Just get that guy some harmonicas already!