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Davey Interviewed on Radio Wales

So sorry I don’t have the final gig video up yet – twat here left a bag on a train and spent an extra hour tracking it down (thank god it only went to the next station, turned round and came right back 🙂 ) but now it’s 11pm and no time to mess about with video.

b0380fng_640_360Primarily cos I just spent nearly 2 hours trying to record 30 minutes of interview – twice – can we just download the things already, BBC??? If you missed Davey’s tip on twitter, he was speaking to Bethan Elfyn on Radio Wales last night, for quite a while too. Topics covered The Crocketts’ formation through The Crimea’s global escapades to his future plans in South Africa – and if you don’t wanna help the guy out after listing to the details, you have no soul.

Anyway, you can either listen to the whole show via the BBC site for the next few days, or just download the good bit below, cos at least I give you a simple MP3 link:

Just right click and save. Oh so simples…

Crimea Radio Play

bbc_radio_ulsterFairground favourite Last Plane Out Of Saigon (surely prime contender for next single release) has been doing the rounds on radio – Joe’s been keeping you updated via Twitter but in short, Amazing Radio played them on 2nd May 2013, whilst Radio Ulster’s Rigsy gave em a whirl on Monday and even managed to mention a history of Davey’s (and Owen’s) previous band The Crocketts – listen again here (skip to 1:01:50) or just hit more for the tracklisting.

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The Crimea’s Big Background Listening Post

Just what every Crimea fan needs – a big collection of additional related music, however loosely connected. Here’s some great bands that everyone here likes. Everyone being myself. So… basically bands I like. Yeah. Well. If you got anything someone else likes, comment it up and I’ll add them in. For now though, here’s what you should have been listening to over the past 10 years:

Murry The Hump
No Crimea / Crox fan should in their right mind be oblivious to this band. Formed around the same time in the same place (Aber Uni circa 1996), playing similar music and once touted by Blur as bigger than Coldplay (I say bigger, they just thought Coldplay were shit, and were all over “y Hump” as they say in the valleys.) Their debut Songs of Ignorance LP is also the traditional Crimea after-gig chill-out listening album. And when I say traditional, I mean, only I do it. Tradition enough.

Here’s an added bonus of Matt name-checking the crox in Y Cwps bar, before heading in to the topical New Deal (just after Crox were dropped from V2 I do believe).

No direct relation, other than lead singer Scott Andrews is just about the biggest Davey fan I know, besids myself. So much so Davey even features on their album, in Don’t Drive (Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly).

Llama Farmers
They toured with em, shared fans, and most everyone fancied Jenny. The others are still making music under various names, but here’s their best, which I of course want to tell everyone about…

El Spoonio
Well well. The Crox’s very own bitch boys, El Spoonio, were Pagey, Timmy, some other guys, I forget. Not their tracks though, they were great, unforgettable, “the best song(s) ever”. Something like that. I’m sure the lads, wherever they are, won’t mind the promotion of their never-to-be-produced-again EP, the Big Big Fun EP.

El Spoonio – Lubricous.mp3
El Spoonio – Medieval.mp3
El Spoonio – Dead Man.mp3
El Spoonio – Icecream.mp3

The Fish Brothers
Oft. seen sporting their embossed wears, Davey’s general distaste for other’s music in general tends to fall short at The Fish Brothers. I’m not so sure of them myself, but if Davey’s keen, why not.
Davey in Fish Brothers top.

Dusty Springfield
Well, it’s not quite just the Fish Bros. Davey’s other musical love appears to be the wall of sound of Dusty Springfield. A strange man, our Davey, and we love him for it.

A few of the old Crox board fans seemed to like these guys. Here’s one of the most recommended tracks:

Rachel Stamp
Speaking of which, hardly a day passed without these guys being mentioned. Never looked further in to it myself, but… better late than never?

The Hot Puppies
Another not-so-related band, other than also forming in Aberystwyth. Now off having babies and stuff (who isn’t), these are the only other band bar The Crimea I’ve probably ever bothered to go see live. So they must be good.

Project Winterhaven
Once upon a time, a young lady with amazing skills joined an amazing band and made amazing music. Post gig one day, she pulled a beautiful blue sleeved disc from a pouch, and in one fell swoop proved she’d been amazing long before appearing on these shores. If you though Julz was just good for random riffs, here’s an entire album to prove otherwise. Oh how we were once blessed…

Sarah Howells has one of the greatest voices ever. Matched only by some girl who was singing on the pavement outside my house a few days ago (no shit, really). Anyway, Sarah went on to provide vocals on a load of trance releases, but before then she created the Adam Walton recommended Orange Lights, one of my favourite ever tracks When We Danced (skip to 2nd tune in the album app below), and even had our Owen fill in on drums on their first release Subside EP (get that here while you can from some kind bloke who left a directory open 🙂 ).

Inaudible’s Gig Media

Taken by your’s truely, here’s some stuff to start you off with…

After 5 years, another Webshots album 🙂 Featuring larger versions of all the stuff and more from the live blog yesterday.

Here’s my own YouTube playlist, currently with four of my own vids in, more to come as others upload various shakey-phone vids.


Following the official setlist, here’s a to-be-constantly-updated list of tracks, along with additional vids etc. Sorry the audio’s crap, only so much one can do with an iPhone.. Oh for a Line-Out (hint, rae… 😉 ).

Listening tip: Tracks are fully ID3d for iTunes, if it sounds crap try putting the equalizer on to Rock, enable any speaker’s bass boost, and try to ignore the clipping….

Soundcheck ( M3U Playlist )
Witches Broom
Mid-Air Collisions
Judas Loves You
Beehive Mind

Gig ( M3U Playlist )
Loop A Loop
Last Plane Out Of Saigon (Sorry for the fade out/in, seems an iPhone quits audio recording if switching apps 🙁 ).
Baby Boom
Mid-Air Collisions – (#lolwut @owen’s cock up. Davey: “We’ve been playing together 17 years…” 😉 )
Bad Vibrations – Video Link Here
Beehive Mind
Witches Broom
Judas Loves You – Video Link Here
Requiem Aeternum
Who Knows
How To Make You Laugh
The Only Living Boy And Girl
Famous Blue Raincoat (Acoustic) – Video Link Here
Opposite Ends (Acoustic) – Video Link Here
Lottery Winners On Acid

Background listening 😉 Extra fun for the completist.

Bonus 1:
10 years of the Crimea tonight , live at union chapel for one night alone . Accident Emergency just talk to me , Smile if you still can , theres more to life than tequila killers, visions of your name in flowers, Don’t let the bastards get you down, happy fucking birthday soldiers xxxxxx
Davey’s Facebook advertisement included lyrics from Raining Planets, which I promptly confused with Oliver Twisted due to the re-use of riffs / lyrics. Here’s MP3s to both:
The Crimea – Raining Planets (2nd Album Demo)
Full, mastered, album version (with above lyrics) is available free on the Secrets Of The Witching Hour album at
The Crimea – Oliver Twisted (Original Demo)

Bonus 2:
Former Crimea guitar lead Julz Parker totally killing it in this Tragedy Rocks riff, a composition later to be used in Judas Loves You. The rest of the recording is so-so, but for 30 seconds you have probably the finest, most beautifully haunting piece of recorded Crimea guitar wizardry in existence. But I’m biased.
The Crimea – Tragedy Rocks (MS1 Club 2003) – Performed live at the MS1 Club, Cardiff in 2003 for Radio Wales.

Bonus 3:
The original, the fuzziest, the finest – Opposite Ends accoustic demo performed by Dan Harris and Davey Macmanus, sometime around 2000. Thank you V2 Records and the early naughties for crappy DRM, not so much for bitrates.

This time tomorrow…

We’ll all know the secret to eternal life, or whatever it was that davey promised.

The Crimea’s first gig in whatever it is, 2 years or something stupid, and as always they still have fans, mostly famous ones.

gary lightbody @garysnowpatrol:

The Crimea are doing a show in the Union Chapel on thurs 17th of may if you can make it good people. Great band!

Kelly Jones off of Sterophonics:

Hi folks, if you wanna see one of my all time favourite bands and incredibly gifted lyricists, go to this gig for a total one off show this Thursday 17th May at the Union Chapel in London. The Crimea will paint images in your head you’ll never erase. Kelly

Maybe one or both may even put in an appearance, you know how Kelly likes to show up at gigs. That said, why he’d publicise his presence for all his stalkers elodies fans, I dunno. So anyway, if you’re going, here’s the full line up:

The Kicks
Morton Valence
The Crimea


Well, not quite. 1000 maybe. Yup, this is published post 1000 (technically 1004 if including a few private / deleted test post, and 1247 if you go by URL, I don’t even figure how that works) but, you know, who cares these days… Maybe we’ll hit 9000 in a few centuries 🙂

And thanks to Joe who’s endless tips on Crimea realated events would have been immensly useful 6 years ago 😉 No really, at least there’s one person to come back here for 🙂 Now I’m off to figure out where the hell this chapel place is. Oh for multimap, whatever do the kids use these days? And, in hindsight, 1000 fixed width page may have been useful. Stupid widescreen 2000000 width nonsense. Note to self: make things smaller.

Oh and, Joe, whilst you’re in tip-off mode, what the hell time is everyone due there for soundchecks? Billy the boy-scout bunt here gets in about 6 hours early as ever (never can trust these trains…) and obviously has no friends to hang out with anywhere else. Seriously mr jon, 7pm? wtf? have you got like, a job, or something? Meh… Yeah anyway… Here’s some traditional post-Crimea-gig goodness. Cos it’s always over waaayy too soon.

Crimea Radio Play

BBC Radio Wales In more Crimea related news – yeah, we’re on a roll this month year even, 5 posts already, go me! – The Crimea just got some radio play. God bless Adam Walton. I’m sure I had a photo of him looking 10 years younger somewhere, but I’ll be fecked if I can find it, so here’s an inapropriately outdated Radio Wales logo instead. And the iPlayer link: – skip to 48 mins in. I forget how you download and record these things now, but I’m sure Adam’ll pass on a recording if tis ever required. Though I am still waiting on the “official” recording of the MS1 gig, Adam… 😉

UPDATE: Meh. Had to re-install GoldWave, re-configure my audio recording setup and re-learn my ftp file directory structure but, here you go: Adam Walton on Saigon (050511).mp3

And in less Crimea related news, here’s a running camel. Bwahahahaha… (yeah sorry addicted to youtube tonight 🙂 )

48a Waiting Steps radio play in US

How brilliant is this post from the Crimea MySpace page:

“48 Waiting Steps” on my radio show, The British Breakfast on WRIR 97.3FM Richmond, Virginia USA (www. wrir. org) this Saturday between 9-11am my time which is 2-4pm UK time.”

Oh feck…just looked at the time and it seems the show ended less than 10 minutes ago. grrrrrrrr. oh well. it’s great to know they’re getting some airplay in the US!

Prospecting for UK Gold

Dear all those who are concerned

THe CRimea are trying to reach gold in the next week or so,, so we can put out a new press release next week,,, when our single comes out,,, I know that begging letters are a worrying thing

but if anyone hasnt downloaded “secrets of the witching hour” could you possibly go to and download, its free

and if you are gifted with your tongue please tell anyone you see, and if you only communicate by computer like Stephen Hawkins, please email anyone you should wish asking them to download it

it’s free

thank you very much


Distractions from the daily toils of life

You want ’em, you need ’em, we got ’em…  

  • As of this midnight GMT,  The Crimea’s video for 48a Waiting Steps is #12 on the Top 20 most watched video list at e-music TV.  Let’s help it move up the charts, whaddya say?   Click on the link, watch, repeat. 
  • Originally posted 30 May, it’ll be new to you if you haven’t read it yet – story on the upcoming single. 
  • interview with Andrew and Davey 
  • The press release over at Mi2N, a music industry website

By the way – clarification over the Glasgow gig…It’s actually Saturday, 05 July.  Not on the seventh as I erroneously reported.  Sorry for the confusion!    

The hidden Tripwire Interview

A few posts ago I mentioned the Tripwire Podcost (#037) that featured the ‘Always on My Mind’ mash-up and Loop-A-Loop.  Well the blackbirds’ best friend (otherwise known as Davey to you and me) let me know that at 50-ish minutes into the podcast there’s an interview he did with the DJ. Granted, the DJ gets a tad few more words in than Davey did but bless him, at least he was enthusiastic about the band.  So follow this link,  scroll down the page until you find the embedded player, and just fast forward to the 50-ish minute point

And a quick update about the Playground at the Proud solo gig happening this Sunday — Davey goes on at 4pm.

Interviews, street teams, podcasts

Well, while some of us may have been engaging in too much drink or having BBQs in the rain over the Bank Holiday weekend, Davey slogged on with a show at Two Floors on Sunday followed by the Rob da Bank appearance in the small hours of Tuesday morning. In case you didn’t stay up for it, the radio appearance will be on Rob’s webpage for one more week. Rumor has it that Christopher has a digital recording of Davey’s performance. Maybe if he is merciful, kind, and loving he would consider SHARING them with us HERE at HIS website.

Really, Christopher. Is this what it’s come to? I have to beg…on your own site?

Moving on – new interview new interview new interview here from It’s another interview before this peculiar Rage Into Spring show in Shoreditch that none of us seemed to know a stinking thing about. Well, a little light was shed on this. Rage gigs– you have to be a member of their thing/club/whatever,  and you get priority invites to their shindigs and tix at a discounted rate. So our  collective worries that we had suddenly becomel so frightfully uncool that The Crimea didn’t want us turning up at their shows…just a load of rubbish, really.

My exclusive reign as the only person on this side of the Atlantic who had ever known the glory of well-penned Davey Macmanus lyric has, fortunately, come to a resounding end. My fellow residents of the North American continent, now is the time to step up and do some PR gunslinging on behalf of The Crimea by joining the US Street Team. Come on…it’s gonna be fun. And there are all sorts of grand perks like free entry into Crimea gigs. Find out more by e-mailing Martin at

Last but not least -Davey and The Crimea turn up on the latest Tripwire Podcast (that’s #037 if you’re keeping score) in the form of the now-infamous mash up “Always on My Mind” and “Loop-A-Loop”. Thanks to Tripwire for giving them the Pole Position in the podcast.

Mash up to the Masses…

Colin MurrayIn case you missed it, Colin Murray featured the mash-up known as Crimea vs. Elvis on his Black Hole program Tuesday night. If you missed it, just click here and listen to it again. But the radio goodness does not stop there…Mr. Murray said he will play the new Crimea single on Thursday night’s show. Not sure if the new single he’s referring to is 48a Waiting Steps or You Never Smile for the Camera…it’s all gone a bit confusing with singles being released from SOTWH and new demos for the 3rd album being introduced. Sounds like a good enough reason to start entering wagers, everyone ante up and place your bets. I’m leaning towards 48a, which should be your cue to place your bet on the other song because I’ve been getting everything wrong lately.

And if for some reason you haven’t heard Crimea vs. Elvis, you can listen to it at The Crimea’s MySpace page. It’s a lovely blend of Always on my Mind and The Crimea’s The Great Unknown. Your auditory pathways should find it most agreeable.

Competition time with XFM

You can win tickets for the Enterprise show tonight (14 May) from Xfm…that’s all Davey said…you’re all on your own, best of luck…I’m sodding jealous of you if you get to go…

But this link may (or may not) be helpful.


XFM Radio Session

XFMThanks be to Andy for passing along this link to the Crimea Xfm’s Radio session in April. Unfortunately they don’t have the session in its entirety, but you can listen to them perform Lottery Winners on Acid, Loop a Loop, and The Psychologist (a/k/a I know how to make you laugh).

New Shows, live Internet Radio Session

Get out your calendar and start requesting time off from work…new Crimea shows and events are being announced.

Rob Da BankDavey will be doing – and I quote – “an acoustic type thing” on BBC Radio 1’s Rob da Bank & Friends show on 26 May. Sorry to all of you who live in the GMT zone because I just noticed that Davey’s time slot is somewhere between 2 am and 4 am. Meanwhile, those of us on this side of the Atlantic will be enjoying his acoustic handiwork at far more reasonable hour (9pm Eastern/ 8pm CST / 7pm Mtn / 6pm Pacific) Listen to it online here. This is part of Rob’s “Campfire Special” and will also include some live tunes by Adem, Johnny Flynn, Jose Vanders, and Noah (from Noah & the Whale).

Keeping on the acoustic note: Davey will be heading back to his old stomping grounds of Aberstwyth to perform at the ‘castle rock‘ on the seaside. This is a free show…what an incredible setting…if no one gets photos or audio of this event then there will be trouble. Hear me? Trouble! Show starts at 8pm.

Summer festivals are just around the corner – The Crimea will be performing a full band set on 27 July at The Square Festival in Borth. (I believe Borth is slightly north of Aberstwyth.) If rumors be true, you get a discount to something called an Animalarium when you buy festival tickets. Let your imagination run wild with trying to figure out exactly what an Animalarium is. It sounds like an evil zoo [ED: surprisingly accurate description]…like lions and birds and kangaroos are held in a giant tank together to let Darwin and the food chain work their magic. Sounds like a lovely day out! Take your kids!

Reminder reminder reminder – Enterprise residency shows continue..tix are only £6, come on, what can you get for that pittance these days? Mark your calendars if you haven’t already done so – remaining dates are 14 May, 28 May, 09 Jun…all shows start at 8pm. Buy your tickets at And for more info on all future shows and festival appearances just check out the gigs page above (yes, it works again) or the events page from which the listings are taken.

Lastly – quick thank you to Christopher for letting me guest blog at this site. If you haven’t checked out the Archives section of this website then you should reserve an evening and treat yourself. I did such a thing last Friday evening and it made for a crackin’ bit of reading as I enjoyed several glasses of rum & diet coke.. Christopher, hopefully this post came out better than the last one, but the paragraph formating codes are not playing nice so I apologize if you need to come in and tidy up again.