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More Square Moon Reviews

A few more reviews just to rub it in. Gone but, actually, in the end, just about OK. Hit more to read them all.

13509_largeLouder Than War say Square Moon is “daring, clever and storied lyrically” with an 8 out of 10.
It’s All Happening blog call it “the most perfect of parting gifts”.
Whilst StereoBoard are back to to say the band have “crafted a beautiful, bittersweet farewell”.
By Volume’s Adam Knott shows a masterage of English topping Davey’s and ascending in to Shakespearian. “It leaves a mark” is about the only bit I understood. That and the 9.3 / 10.
Sound Of Violence gives things a French twist, so grab a translation here. The 4.5 / 5 is more obvious.
And finally, 7 Bit Arcade wrap things up with just one more positive plug.

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HMV Sales

So there’s 3 2 copies of Square Moon in the HMV Leeds store!


Clash Music stream Square Moon

clash-logoApparently an exclusive (despite it being up on Spotify for a few days now… πŸ˜› ) – and to celebrate today’s official release – online music mag Clash has the entire Square Moon album up to stream, via Alcopop’s SoundCloud account. Every one of the 22 tracks is there, but if that’s not enough, come back here later today for some more πŸ˜‰

Album Reviews and Gig Preview

Is it out yet, is it out yet? To be honest, I dunno, I guess, maybe, everyone has their copy anyways, so err… whatever. One thing’s for sure – come back later today and I deffinately totally 100% will be releasing a special outing for the album in a way only ImmortalSoon can do πŸ˜‰ Update: It is out yet! Or so says Davey n co.

13509_largeThe official release is still getting high praise from the press though, as IndieLondon proove – 4 / 5 with a long writeup and tracklisting, just incase you forget.

Tumblr blog the Whiteboard Project also feature a plug, giving Square Moon their Album Of The Week prize.

Music blog Deezer feature a quick plug for the album in their Discovery Monday section.

And just incase you needed an excuse to go, Never Enough Notes have a preview up of tomorrow’s Jazz Cafe gig finale. Now I must go, some of us have work to do….

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Square Moon Release & Reviews

Square MoonWell looky what just turned up in the post πŸ™‚ The twitterverse also suggests many others have them too, so if you’ve pre-oredered Square Moon it should be with you very soon if not already. If you haven’t, buy it now at the Alcopop Store.

Whilst you await delivery, it’s up on Spotify in full for your listening pleasure. You’ll need a Facebook account or something, and you’ll get ads inbetween every couple songs, but hell it’s easier than trying to find a vinyl record player to play the damn thing (what, you want me to unseal the CDs? pah…). Actually, it’s up on iTunes right now too, and many other online outlets, so you’ve got no excuse.

Anyway, the few people that did find a turntable managed to get some reviews up – as always, hit more to read if they dissapear:
drowned_in_soundMusic OMH get in to detail with the tracks and some of Davey’s most recent activities.
Drowned in Sound meanwhile go back in history to give a much deeper background writeup on the band, and Davey’s, history. In Davey’s own words – “the guy at drowned in sound remembers the late 90s better than I do“.

Not the current release, but the previous limited Square Moon vinyl (the one with extra thank you notes and whatnot) has it’s details listed up at, and there’s quite a bit to read through.

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Win Square Moon CDs! have a competition up for you to win one of 5 copies of the new Square Moon album. If you can’t afford all of the nine squids us rich kids are passing over for it, get over there quick! All you have to do to enter is send an email to with “CRIMEA” in the subject line and including your name, address and telephone number in the body. The rest of the details, including the usual press release, can be found on the Music News website.

Quick Album Release Update

squaremoondlcAnyone wanting to get their hands on a copy of Square Moon a little earlier than it’s official release date on the 30th July 2013 could well find themselves in luck if popping down to the 2000 Trees festical in Gloustershire tomorrow.

The Crimea will be playing around mid-day on the main stage on Friday 12th July 2013, and new lable Alcopop! Records have tweeted they should have both the vinyl and CD on sale there. Not only that, but Joe’s worked his magic and got some download codes for the album too. See, there’s one just to the right, officially tweeted earlier today. Actual code blurred, damn them. Still, some of us already have a copy… πŸ™‚

Square Moon Pre-Order

13509_largeAlocopop! Records have just added Square Moon to their online store – in both a Double 12″ Vinyl and Double CD format. I might have ordered a few… so get in before they sell out! The vinyl’s Β£16 whilst the CD is only Β£9 – if anyone wants some shipping abroad and can’t buy directly, let me know and I’ll sort it for you πŸ™‚ . Orders should ship on or around July 30th when the album is officially released – here’s what Alcopop have to say about the release:

Officially the last ever Crimea release, this wonderful double 12″/CD – so many years in the making – is finally here, and better than you could dream of. 22 tracks, from the men who have been so important (personally) to us over the last decade… It’s been a long road for The Crocketts/ The Crimea – and this in finishing is there proudest moment yet – and we’re so pleased to be involved.

The Only Living Boy And Girl Release

The Only Living Boy And Girl Promo by Neil Gavin

The “official” new single – The Only Living Boy And Girl – taken from the Square Moon album, has been released as a free download. Crimea fan-favourites (or favourite fans, idk) God Is In The TV Zine have the full details and link. But you can always hit more, cos nothing lasts forever, not even The Crimea. Still, MP3s apparently have a heck of a long shelf life these days…

There should also be a video, yeah an actual movie thing, “filmed on military road, wiklow gap and glendalough wicklow” or so says Davey. Directed by Neil Gavin who also took the photo seen to the right – check out more shots and details on Davey’s facebook post. You’ll have to wait until the 30th to watch the thing though. Not that watching videos is exactly what’ll be on everyone’s mind then.

And to start the ball rolling, Bethan Elfyn got the single spinning on Radio Wales last week. You can listen again for the next few days right here though I guess she was a little early with the comeback talk.

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New, and Old Reviews

Sooo… apparently Last Plane Out Of Saigon had a limited release a while back too. Which would explain all the reviews of it from 2012. Which I think I may have missed. Still, we get there eventually – Room Thirteen, probably The Crimea’s top reviewer (srsly, search em) gave both the original EP and album releases a long review, whilst the imaginatively names Substance Is Meaningless also reviewed the original LPOOS (oh, dear, I didn’t quite expect that. maybe we’ll stick to writing the full name from now on) a review too.

Back to the present day though, and Sloucher manage to include the current Last Plane Out Of Saigon release (yeah, no more toilet jokes eh) in a recent singles roundup. Now I’m off to watch some more ancient Crimea vids. See you next week πŸ™‚ .

And *They’re* Back!

Promo Shot 2013Well, I said one more thing… This might actually count as quite a few more things πŸ™‚ Yup, you didn’t think they were dead did you? (well, I did, but that’s me right put in my place). Now, to rediscover my old image directory structure… Where the hell did I put those files… And how the heck do I write news posts again? Meh. Here goes…

They’re back! Yup, like everyone’s favourite Ghostbusting sequel, the boys are back with more new news to know than you knew you could know news. Firstly, we’re not the only refreshed website back in action. has had a facelift too. Like it?


Social media addict I may not be – I’m gonna join Davey in sitting on the fence for this stuff – but the rest of you, who actually know what a Twitter is, The Crimea now has one! @The_Crimea is where you can find all the tweeting goodness. If I ever figure out how to use the damn thing, I may put a feed to the right of this page or somethingwhatever.

Wait, you want real news? Ok then.

They just signed to a new record lable!

Actually, not one, but two, for good measure. The lucky, lucky, lucky chaps over at Lazy Acre Recording Company and Alcopop! Records are about to get the ole news-feed archiving treatement below, but for now, simply check out their sites for all the gosip. They both of course also have one of these twitting things, @ilovealcopop and @lazyacrerecords will continue to befuzzle me until I get the hang of posting news in 140 characters.

Yeah, fuck that.

13509_largeAlbum Release! Inded. You can’t fit “fffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” in 140 characters can you?

Crimea album Square Moon will get another, hopefully much less limited release, on double vinyl record (and inevitable download) towards the end of July (officially, 29th, but you know what these boys are like with time keeping). Both Lazy Acre and Alcopop already have a sample up of every G.I.’s favourite, Last Plane Out Of Saigon. Not to be left out, hit more to hear it in all it’s flash player glory (yeah, it really slows down the main page loading), and remember to sing along. “#We’re better together…#”

Oh yeah, gigs. Ruddy gigs! If you haven’t checked the official website already, here you go:

12th July 2013 – 2000 Trees Festival
30th July 2013 – Jazz CafΓ©, London

I think it’s fair to say, get booking your days off work now! And don’t fret if you can’t make these, there should be plenty more to come.

I think I’m running out of space now, so I’ll spare you any more. Other than pointing you towards the clearly-quite-good Kate Booker / Faded Photography who appears to be providing the band’s new PR shots. Kate, if I ever e-mail you, run a mile. You’ll never hear the last of me. πŸ™‚

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Self Control

Mmm… too many blue smarties last month. That’s another girl scared off then. Sorry crox lady person. Meh.

So anyway, did I ever spam anyone with a copy of an old forgotten demo (I obsessed over the first verse back in 2008: )? If so, can I have it back please, I think my only copy was on the iPod I just formatted, and it’s like the best version ever. I swear someone e-mailed it me around dec that year but for the life of me I can find no trace at all. UPDATE: Sorted. It wasn’t a Forgotten demo, twas Baby Boom, damn them and their “let’s borrow this lyric and this riff from this song and put it in this other song” how’s a kid meant to find anything? The Crimea – Baby Boom (Lily Demos).mp3

In other news – and jesus there actually is some – Square Moon’s getting another pre-order-limited-release-until-the-next-one-pressing :d Order it here:

And then there’s the free EP available too. you know, in my day an EP had at least 5 tracks, boys. though to be fair add it to the album freebies and you got plenty already:

Another actual gig which I might have mentioned before – supposedly the 10th Anniversary gig, albeit a few months early (was it really that long ago?) – tickets here. That said, it is in a church this time, which could be interesting, though on the plus side for once I won’t get chucked out for sneaking round in the dark trying to take photos of a group of boys, sneaking in the back door whilst no one’s looking. Oh the lulz to be had…

Video too. I stand by Oliver Twisted as the best track ever, but this is close enough.

Karma Calling; Victory or Defeat?

13509_largeSilent? Heartless? Dead? No chance.

While this here site is still alive enough to pick up Crimea haters (you’ll never beat mr “Crock o Shite“), El Crimeo have been putting together another Nevermind. Again. Again…. nevermind.

The Crimea – Square Moon

22 track double vinyl, 150 limited releases, pre-order to receive that, the digital download bollocks, and loads of other much nicer physical treats. Like Duke Nukem Forever, the new albums here baby, and promises to suck only half as much! Ok, probably quite a lot less, but inevitably we’ll all be “oh, the demos were better…”, such is the life of Davey Mac.

Actually, most of the tracks are straight off Listen To Seashells, so not too much new, but I promise you Goldmine rocks, as does Stand Alone, tough Jellyfish was better in the demo. Erm… err… yeah…

Gotta go, pre-orders are already down to 147 left. Hit more for the press release while I buy the fucking lot up figure out how to do that mailing list/press release logomabob thingytrip… Wait how do I do more? 😐

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Just spotted this on the forums here… “April 30, 2009. The Field Of Dreams. owen Hopkin”. Hmmm… Any ideas?

Meanwhile, Davey’s recording a new album (title includes words Field and Dream?) and playing at SXSW again, between March 18th and 22nd. Lets just hope nothing blows up this time…

Get yer 7″s at Townsend Records!

If Leeds’ very own Mama Mia’s deepan 7″ margherita ain’t enough for you (and oh boy, it should be), then you can get your very own 48a Waiting Steps 7″ single right here too. I had the pleasure of collecting 10 of the big boys (for the princley sum of something like Β£40 I think) straight from Sister Ray Records in London this afternoon. Which is a damn good thing for you lot, as until then that seemed to be the only way of getting one, what with Townsend Records not appearing to have any stock (I do believe SR got the lot), and Sister Ray not listing it on their webstore. But thank god for superfans, eh?

Oh dear, there’s me putting my foot in it again. Townsend Records WILL at last be getting some 48a Waiting Steps 7″ singles in, hopefully early next week, Davey was just hella slow getting them to the kind people there. So if you’ve already ordered from them, or are still wanting a copy, please do check out their website as they are (and have been for many years) the primary online source for many Crimea releases.

That said, I still have a few copies left, so if Townsend Records ever run out there’s a few still available πŸ™‚