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More Square Moon Reviews

A few more reviews just to rub it in. Gone but, actually, in the end, just about OK. Hit more to read them all.

13509_largeLouder Than War say Square Moon is “daring, clever and storied lyrically” with an 8 out of 10.
It’s All Happening blog call it “the most perfect of parting gifts”.
Whilst StereoBoard are back to to say the band have “crafted a beautiful, bittersweet farewell”.
By Volume’s Adam Knott shows a masterage of English topping Davey’s and ascending in to Shakespearian. “It leaves a mark” is about the only bit I understood. That and the 9.3 / 10.
Sound Of Violence gives things a French twist, so grab a translation here. The 4.5 / 5 is more obvious.
And finally, 7 Bit Arcade wrap things up with just one more positive plug.

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Jazz Cafe Review

I know, I know, the video’s taking forever. Audio decided to unsync itself and took 3 hours to redo. Now just 230 minutes left until it’s uploaded. Again. Unless anything else goes wrong 😐 . So here’s a review instead.

The-Crimea-at-Jazz-Cafe-The-Upcoming-Andrei-Grosu-4_800x532The boys from The Upcoming were out in force – with photographer Andrei Grosu sat right next to yours truly, and he managed to get some excellent shots. I knew that spare seat would come in handy 🙂 Journo Aoife O’Driscoll was probably slumming it down with the standing crowd, but still managed to get a four star write-up online. Hit more for both that and the pics, and if anyone finds Andrei’s website let me know, he deserves some credit 🙂 . Specially as they credit immortalsoon in the review links 😉 .

Roisin Gadelrab of the Camden Review also attended, but clearly missed the humour in the bloke shouting “FROG ON A STIICKKK” through half the show. Matt swears it wasn’t him. Of course it wasn’t. It’s deffinately not him shouting through every other live recording ever either. We love you really 🙂 . Cept Miss Roisin. Who was also dissapointed she couldn’t find Annie Macmanus, who was actually there for a short time, at the back downstairs somewhere. Fame gets you nowhere in a Crimea gig. I should know. Well it gets you in to soundcheck but otherwise. (Srsly though, it’s been a pleasure, thanks Joe/Owen/Andy/Davey/Whoever).

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More Album Reviews

So you only have a few hours left until you need to be at Jazz Cafe london. Even Tim Wheeler’s asking you to go – which can only mean one thing. Ash Fans. Ohhhhh Noooooeees! (No srsly, everyone’s welcome, even the ash fans 🙂 ).

13509_largeMeanwhile, HMV of all places is now stocking the album – yes an actual physical store – and the Official Charts Company list it as a new release.

As for reviews, Shout4Music have a small one up, giving it another 7 out of 10.

Alcopop post at Believe Blog with details of the album and gig.

And The Album Wall have a large tribute post up to an understandably influential band.

So that’s it. Bar any late minute dramas, off to the final gig in a few hours. Any guesses who else will be there? There’s no end of celebrity fans, high flying family siblings or ex band members to turn up, but so long as Davey, Andy, Owen and Joe make it – it’s all good. I’ll try and liveblog a few things here but for most of the gig it’ll be quite. Just hope to god someone brings along a decent video recorder else you’ll be stuck with my iPhone 3GS’ blury mess again 😐

EDIT: Let’s make this a bit easier – who’s not coming: Charlotte Hatherly. Whoever Alice Potter is. Wow. That’s one angry lady. And Lucifer – will get pics for you all. However, El Spoonio are going! At least pagey is. Must dig out the old EP to get signed…

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Rocksound Magazine Review

177300longGuitar player’s favourite, RockSound magainze, has a small review in of the new album, giving it a very respectable seven out of ten. Just one thing, Mr Oliver Pelling – he’s FECKING IRISH! Still, all is forgiven, you’re not the first to make the mistake – it’s been mentioned a few places before. Still, no one reads the NME anymore, do they? 🙂 Anyway, pick up the latest copy now (Issue 117, Summer 13) or just hit more cos us up north don’t get anything until a month later (still waiting for the latest Q 🙁 ). Thanks Joe for the heads up and scan 🙂 .

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Square Moon Release & Reviews

Square MoonWell looky what just turned up in the post 🙂 The twitterverse also suggests many others have them too, so if you’ve pre-oredered Square Moon it should be with you very soon if not already. If you haven’t, buy it now at the Alcopop Store.

Whilst you await delivery, it’s up on Spotify in full for your listening pleasure. You’ll need a Facebook account or something, and you’ll get ads inbetween every couple songs, but hell it’s easier than trying to find a vinyl record player to play the damn thing (what, you want me to unseal the CDs? pah…). Actually, it’s up on iTunes right now too, and many other online outlets, so you’ve got no excuse.

Anyway, the few people that did find a turntable managed to get some reviews up – as always, hit more to read if they dissapear:
drowned_in_soundMusic OMH get in to detail with the tracks and some of Davey’s most recent activities.
Drowned in Sound meanwhile go back in history to give a much deeper background writeup on the band, and Davey’s, history. In Davey’s own words – “the guy at drowned in sound remembers the late 90s better than I do“.

Not the current release, but the previous limited Square Moon vinyl (the one with extra thank you notes and whatnot) has it’s details listed up at, and there’s quite a bit to read through.

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Brooklyn Vegan dig The Crimea

Very cool words from the very cool Brooklyn Vegan blog.  They host a radio show on Sirius so fingers crossed that we hear some Crimea on the digital airwaves.  And tonight is the last U.S. show (for now!).  If you’re in the NYC area, drop by Goodbye BLue Monday and watch Davey and Joe play their acoustic set.

NYC videos, photos, and a 48a review

Massive thanks to eagle-eye Carla for finding these on YouTube…videos from the Crimea’s performance at McCarren Park in NYC last week.  Perhaps an even bigger thanks should go to YouTube user TangyGal, who is responsible for putting them on YouTube in the first place. So go and show her some love at the comments section. 

Reviews keep coming in for 48a.  Check out the 4.5 out of 5 stars given by Matthew Hirtes of UK Fusion. Massive!

And last but certainly not least – Martin (grand overlord of the US Street Team) has some photos from the NYC and Boston shows here.     Enjoy!!

48 hours later, ’48a Waiting Steps’ reviews

Most bands release things on Tuesdays.  Once again bucking conventional trends, the Crimea released their latest single ‘The 48a Waiting Steps’ on  30 June…a Monday, if you can believe it.  (Think of it as a gift to the common working man and woman out there who normally look upon Mondays with much dread.)    After an unscheduled run to Curry’s for some gear (no, not that kind of gear, we’re talking the proper electrical stuff), the release party got under way at legendary Sister Ray records.  Were you lucky enough to score one of 100 exclusive limited editions of the single, complete with the chickenscratch masquerading as lyrics personally hand-scrawled by Mr. Macmanus?  If you were, lucky you…because that means you probably got the chance to see them again at their secret gig later that evening.  (Tell us what you think/what you thought at the official Crimea message boards, why don’t ya?)But having reported all that it’s time to get down to some bidness.  Reviews!

  • Room 13 is up first with a glowing bit of praise for the new single. It’s so nice that we’ll even forgive lovely Jim at Room 13 for misspelling Davey’s name (it’s not Davy as in the former Monkee). 
  • Glasswerk aptly notes that ‘Davey Macmanus trembles over another epic short player…”
  • Contact Music gave the single a respectable 7/10.
  • Beat Surrender offers 3/5 More reviews are on the way so stayed tuned.

Or be sure to notify us if you see a kind word or two floating about that’s worth sharing. 

Distractions from the daily toils of life

You want ’em, you need ’em, we got ’em…  

  • As of this midnight GMT,  The Crimea’s video for 48a Waiting Steps is #12 on the Top 20 most watched video list at e-music TV.  Let’s help it move up the charts, whaddya say?   Click on the link, watch, repeat. 
  • Originally posted 30 May, it’ll be new to you if you haven’t read it yet – story on the upcoming single. 
  • interview with Andrew and Davey 
  • The press release over at Mi2N, a music industry website

By the way – clarification over the Glasgow gig…It’s actually Saturday, 05 July.  Not on the seventh as I erroneously reported.  Sorry for the confusion!    

Now here’s some salt for that wound…

Ok, it’s obvious a fair few of you are a bit gutted that you didn’t find out about Friday’s last minute gig until it was too late. Well Davey sent over a recap of the night —

Joe performed as Jose Blase
He played 2 of his own songs:
-half left (the last time I played this was in leicester at the charlotte and someone filmed it – see youtube)
-somewhere to live
and 1 cover:
-the bad touch by the bloodhound gang which went down pretty well and everyone sang along

davey played as davey macmanus
the only living boy and girl
how to make you laugh
blue dog (ive stuck an old live version up on myspace/crocketts)

amazing night, great gig etc. good to be able to smoke in a pub.

Showin’ some love…

If things have seemed all too quiet on the front lines of The Crimea, rest assured the cannons are being prepped to fire, dragoons are being assembled…get ready for a brilliant summer campaign.

First up – an article from The Guardian detailing the changes occurring in the music industry and innovative approaches artists are taking to promote themselves. Davey’s bit is in the middle… but I know you’re going to read the entire article, right? sure you are.

Next is… oh dear…sorry. *sigh* I just can’t get past the photo. Will someone please make sure Davey has ready access to a razor and shaving foam on a semi-regular basis? Joe…? Talking to you. Let’s keep this sort of thing a “one-off”: This Is London’s 12 Bar gig review.

Camden New JournalLastly… a scanned copy of The Camden New Journal, hot off the press today…and technically it is still Thusday over here in the CST. Davey is front page news in lovely drenched splendor from the 48A Waiting Steps video. Don’t miss the great side bar in which the journalist encourages you to miss the birth of your first child to see a Crimea show. Ok, maybe she doesn’t say that exactly. But you could certainly get away with missing the birth of your second child…um, unless you are the mother, of course.
Ok that only leaves one thing. Must figure out how to upload said scan to this thing. CHRISTOPHER!! How do you upload stuff to this thing!!?? It’s not letting me upload!
Oh never mind…here’s a link to the scanned glory – And here’s a link to the web page of the Camden New Journal.

Time For News

Sorry sorry sorry. It flooded. Not here like but any excuse’ll do… Just as you get used to the Crimea actually keeping the same line-up for longer than a year, Andy ups and leaves. Well good luck to you Mr, but who’s gonna join up next? Well watch this space, as I have a strangely psychic knack of predicting new Crimea members. Now, who else thinks that one from The Go Team! would fit well?

Ok, news. The Beijing Beat blog on has a long story on the band’s first trip to China. Apparently they’re going back for more in September when they play the Pop Festival.

Free album stories haven’t gone away; the News & Star site features an update on the release with comments from Andy Stafford. Prospect Magazine have a quick mention in a wider free music article, the Independent have an even quicker name drop and the Guardian give em two lines. Though none of them are as pesimistic as Sweeping The Nation’s take on events though.

I think this stuff from La Burroteca is written in Spanish. Theres a donkey. And a pic of LWOA. I know no more…

Gig reviews
now, and Dr Alex Hale III (yeah, sure…) was so impressed with the band’s Modest Mouse support that he popped along to see em headline at Birmingham’s Bar Academy too.

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The Crimea In Q

Yes yes you can stop emailing me about it now, I know you’re ruddy Q…. apparently “this month’s” which could mean anything in the world of print, but the last copy I saw had a title of “The Loud Issue”. I”ll try pick one up at the weekend and add it to the rest of the scans, Joe says there’s got a review and a couple recommendations in there so it’s not to be missed.
Update: Large whole-page article on freeness, 4/5 recommended album review and 31st recommended download, all available in the August 2007 “Loud Issue”.

More Mag ‘views

Browsing the contents of WHSmith last week I missed the very small review of Secrets Of The Witching Hour in Rock Sound (issue 8, June 07), tucked away in the corner of page 90. Good job those on the forum have better eyes as RS give the album the best rating I’ve seen in a mag so far; 8 / 10 describing the band as “eccentric, charming, poetic and imaginative”.

Notion MagazineBiggest print article so far goes to Notion mag. I picked up the last copy of issue 28 / July 07 in York’s Smiths and it doesn’t dissapoint, no rating but a good writeup saying Davey & Co “have a consistency of intent that could defeat other equally ambitious outfits”. Thanks, once again, to Lee at Velocity PR for spotting that one.

Not sure where it comes from (looks like the Metro), but this Brighton Barfly gig review was clearly written by a very old skool fan of the group, still using Owen’s old band-name. Not surprising since it was posted and quite likely written by a member of one of Davey’s favourite bands The Fish Brothers.

Update: All recent mag articles now available to view in this Webshots album.

Joe Interview & More Reviews

Super JoeThe Crimea’s super-sized bass player Joe Udwin has sat down for a chat with Subba-Cultcha and told them all about his place in the band, the new album and his love for, among other things, Crimea b-side Sideways. I swear if another person mentions that track I’m gonna rip my head off, it’s been stuck in there for weeks and i hate it hate haaatteee iiittttt. Hospital rocks though.

There’s more Crimea love from High Voltage, this time they rate the album with four lightning bolts out of five. Which is three more than nearly hit my house last night, which really would have been one of “summer’s most jubilant and most poignant moments”. Alas, only the album gets that sort of praise.

If by chance a fan of these lot were hit by lightning, I may be seen to dance around exclaiming Burn Baby Burn. In commemoration, of course, as Ash’s songwriting skills now seem to be destined soley for hit singles such as the aforementioned 2001 hit after giving up the album game for good. Noting the similarity with management mates The Crimea, Music Towers gives the free album a very short mention.

If you missed it, here’s the online version of the NME’s album review. Now if only I could burn a few of those baby’s I have stocked in my closet 🙁

Today’s gig review comes from the Sunday Mail who gave the King Tuts show 3 / 5 in last weekend’s edition, while Timeout London look forward to Monday’s Borderline show while giving it a recommended rating.

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