Davey Interviewed on Radio Wales

So sorry I don’t have the final gig video up yet – twat here left a bag on a train and spent an extra hour tracking it down (thank god it only went to the next station, turned round and came right back ๐Ÿ™‚ ) but now it’s 11pm and no time to mess about with video.

b0380fng_640_360Primarily cos I just spent nearly 2 hours trying to record 30 minutes of interview – twice – can we just download the things already, BBC??? If you missed Davey’s tip on twitter, he was speaking to Bethan Elfyn on Radio Wales last night, for quite a while too. Topics covered The Crocketts’ formation through The Crimea’s global escapades to his future plans in South Africa – and if you don’t wanna help the guy out after listing to the details, you have no soul.

Anyway, you can either listen to the whole show via the BBC site for the next few days, or just download the good bit below, cos at least I give you a simple MP3 link:

Just right click and save. Oh so simples…


Would there be a better place to end?



Even Andy’s Records has them in. Said he had a load of old crox stuff he’ll try and find for me ๐Ÿ™‚



Davey Macmanus Interview

framework_logoCamden Review have a long and revealing interview with Crimea frontman Davey Macmanus up, and they’ve clearly done their research. To read, or re-read, exactly what makes Davey want to give up the music biz and dissapear halfway across the world, check it out right here. Or, if you’re reading this in a few years time, hit more, cos it’ll still be there ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Proper charity will come ASAP.

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MP3 Requests

UPDATED: Forgot a few Julz demos, see end of post for them.

So a few people have asked for things through comments or the message board (yes we still have one ๐Ÿ™‚ ), figure I’d just create one post with the lot. If you want more, comment up or email immortalsoon@gmail.com or whatever and I’ll get stuff to you.

For D1939: Ye of epic tatooing fame, yes I do have the La Sinoco track that ends “on the sad morning she whispered goodbye”. Actually it’s not a Crimea track, tis an old Crocketts recording, made for XFM radio in session who knows when (2000ish probably, after TGBR). Primarily distributed via the “The Great Bootleg Rarities” bootleg cassette back when those were actually a thing. Thanks for the copy Nim ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, here’s yours.

Playlist File
The Crocketts – XFM Interview
The Crocketts – XFM Introduction
The Crocketts – La Sinoco (XFM Exclusive)
The Crocketts – All Conquering (XFM Exclusive)

For Ste: Whomever you may be, a request for the Raining Planets version referenced in this post, which is slightly different from the released one appearing on the free Secrets Of The Witching Hour album (since re-released here). Anyway, this one was originally recorded in 2006 as a demo for the album. My favourite? Meh. They’re both excellent.

The Crimea – Raining Planets (2006 Demo)

And Julz Parker: Not one to back away from a fight, jumps in to the debate detailed in this post. In short, who plays guitar in this MP3. To be fair, not much of a puzzle, it was indeed ex-Crimea member Julz playing. But hey, if you wanna jump in on the comments and claim you were actually playing guitar with the band in 2003, why not, no one’s memory is so great anymore. And photoshop can do wonders these days…

So yeah basically Julz requested (well, sort of, whatever, I’m on a roll here) anything with her in it. So here you go Julz – most of everything MP3 related I have with you. Open folder, browse files, right click and save, I’m sure you all know, though I tried to teach Davey this once and it didn’t go so well..


You’ll find their Music:Response session with Zane Lowe on XFM from 27th February 2003 (hear Julz speak in Part 3 of the interview), and their “Session in Wales” session from 4th September 2003 (highlight Bombay Sapphire Coma / Utopia).

Then there’s the full, wonderful, Seven Track Promo I was originaly sent by Davey in 2003 featuring a load of chilled-out tracks (later to be re-hashed and recorded as multiple other tracks) and, probably, Julz – I think. Sounds like here anyway. If not, it’s a good pre/post-(I forget)-Tragedy Rocks listen anyway.

One of the finest gigs ever recorded is there – the MS1 Club show hosted by Adam Walton, broadcast live on Radio Wales on 28th July 2003. Everything rocks. Even LWOA. Hell, you’re even blessed with a shoutout by Crimea super-fan Crazy Matt. Though, tbh, he’s in most recordings I have. Way to go, Matt ๐Ÿ™‚

And finally, a small solo by Julz playing LWOA during a webchat in July 2006. Yes people, like an NSA worker bee, I record everything, evverryythiiinnggg

Ok srsly that’s about it actually. Time for some proper news then. Next post coming up very soon.

EDIT: Forgot a few, thanks for the reminder Julz ๐Ÿ™‚ Check the above folder again (this one) and you should see the full “15 Track Promo” – I forget its exact origin but probably from around 2003 – 2004ish. Includes a number of Tragedy Rocks demos and some never otherwise released gems including just about the best Crimea track ever – Oliver Twisted – (the only other recorded version is here). Sounds like Julz deffinately features on Baby Boom, Bombay Sapphire Coma and Miserbilist Tango (with her backing vox clearly audible on the latter), whilst she’s probably on Bad Vibrations and Forgotten too and possibly others, but I’ve already got in to trouble speculating on that kinda thing :p

And the only vids I could find with Julz in are actually from around 2006 at the Beijing Chao Yang International Pop Music Festival when she re-joined the band for the one-off show. The original files are from Youtube here and here but I ripped em cos, well, when it comes to saving web content, only two people do it well. And the NSA don’t share. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

And Back Too!

After the unofficial Crimea site here got spruced up, The Crockett’s Unofficial Website is now also back in the game. Damn WordPress plugins messing things up. Anyway, no more “Not Found” errors hopefully. I’ll be back very soon with a load of new old Crocketts pics ๐Ÿ™‚

Another Blast from the Past

The Keys

Yup, they’re still at it too. Anyone going “who?” must’ve mised the Big Background Listening Post from… about this time last year (damn, it really flies, eh?). Anyways, el-Hump-o topped it off, and their curent incarnation of The Keys are in the middle of a big tour. Hopefully they still play Let Your Soul Be Your Guide (play below), but whatever, if they’re playing near you just get down there eh? And get on their Facebook too cos, you know, thats where all those cool kids are at or whatever the hell they do these days. Ahh the good old days when Holly and Sarah were the only Zuckerbergs required…

Crimea Radio Play

bbc_radio_ulsterFairground favourite Last Plane Out Of Saigon (surely prime contender for next single release) has been doing the rounds on radio – Joe’s been keeping you updated via Twitter but in short, Amazing Radio played them on 2nd May 2013, whilst Radio Ulster’s Rigsy gave em a whirl on Monday and even managed to mention a history of Davey’s (and Owen’s) previous band The Crocketts – listen again here (skip to 1:01:50) or just hit more for the tracklisting.

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Another Kickass Setlist

What can I say. If you can’t join em, wallow in the mysery of photographic evidence.

Gig Setlist, 2002

As I commented on the original Facebook link, “classic after classic after classics after…”.

If ever there was a time…

…to save a kids life, or just improve it for a while, following the last post is probably fitting.

Fear of Sky Concert part 2.

That’s Davey Macmanus playing a charity gig at Camden Enterprise (you know where it is by now, surely) on 21st June 2012. Tickets here, or just send donations direct to Davey’s bank account (details in these FB comments so long as you’re friends with Davey). Just get that guy some harmonicas already!

The Crimea’s Big Background Listening Post

Just what every Crimea fan needs – a big collection of additional related music, however loosely connected. Here’s some great bands that everyone here likes. Everyone being myself. So… basically bands I like. Yeah. Well. If you got anything someone else likes, comment it up and I’ll add them in. For now though, here’s what you should have been listening to over the past 10 years:

Murry The Hump
No Crimea / Crox fan should in their right mind be oblivious to this band. Formed around the same time in the same place (Aber Uni circa 1996), playing similar music and once touted by Blur as bigger than Coldplay (I say bigger, they just thought Coldplay were shit, and were all over “y Hump” as they say in the valleys.) Their debut Songs of Ignorance LP is also the traditional Crimea after-gig chill-out listening album. And when I say traditional, I mean, only I do it. Tradition enough.

Here’s an added bonus of Matt name-checking the crox in Y Cwps bar, before heading in to the topical New Deal (just after Crox were dropped from V2 I do believe).

No direct relation, other than lead singer Scott Andrews is just about the biggest Davey fan I know, besids myself. So much so Davey even features on their album, in Don’t Drive (Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly).

Llama Farmers
They toured with em, shared fans, and most everyone fancied Jenny. The others are still making music under various names, but here’s their best, which I of course want to tell everyone about…

El Spoonio
Well well. The Crox’s very own bitch boys, El Spoonio, were Pagey, Timmy, some other guys, I forget. Not their tracks though, they were great, unforgettable, “the best song(s) ever”. Something like that. I’m sure the lads, wherever they are, won’t mind the promotion of their never-to-be-produced-again EP, the Big Big Fun EP.

El Spoonio – Lubricous.mp3
El Spoonio – Medieval.mp3
El Spoonio – Dead Man.mp3
El Spoonio – Icecream.mp3

The Fish Brothers
Oft. seen sporting their embossed wears, Davey’s general distaste for other’s music in general tends to fall short at The Fish Brothers. I’m not so sure of them myself, but if Davey’s keen, why not.
Davey in Fish Brothers top.

Dusty Springfield
Well, it’s not quite just the Fish Bros. Davey’s other musical love appears to be the wall of sound of Dusty Springfield. A strange man, our Davey, and we love him for it.

A few of the old Crox board fans seemed to like these guys. Here’s one of the most recommended tracks:

Rachel Stamp
Speaking of which, hardly a day passed without these guys being mentioned. Never looked further in to it myself, but… better late than never?

The Hot Puppies
Another not-so-related band, other than also forming in Aberystwyth. Now off having babies and stuff (who isn’t), these are the only other band bar The Crimea I’ve probably ever bothered to go see live. So they must be good.

Project Winterhaven
Once upon a time, a young lady with amazing skills joined an amazing band and made amazing music. Post gig one day, she pulled a beautiful blue sleeved disc from a pouch, and in one fell swoop proved she’d been amazing long before appearing on these shores. If you though Julz was just good for random riffs, here’s an entire album to prove otherwise. Oh how we were once blessed…

Sarah Howells has one of the greatest voices ever. Matched only by some girl who was singing on the pavement outside my house a few days ago (no shit, really). Anyway, Sarah went on to provide vocals on a load of trance releases, but before then she created the Adam Walton recommended Orange Lights, one of my favourite ever tracks When We Danced (skip to 2nd tune in the album app below), and even had our Owen fill in on drums on their first release Subside EP (get that here while you can from some kind bloke who left a directory open ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Oh. Em. Chatroom! Gee.

Behold, the old Crocketts.net chatroom, multiple spoonios inclued! Yes, this is so old (10th Dec 2000) the screenshot wasn’t even resized due to the minute monitor res of the time. Happy days.

New Old Crocketts Albums

Well, whilst I’m going batshit mental over on immortalsoon.co.uk with all the new Crimea stuff about, here’s some new, well, old, Crocketts pics turning up on Facebook.

Catriona GettyCatriona Getty has a load of shell-suited shots from the 90s, including what I do believe is one very fresh faced Boz.

Southampton Joiners Setlist, 240900 - Pete ColeA few different pics from Owen’s facebook page by Pete ColeOwen in 2000, the band chilling with everyone’s favourite twin-crox-fans ‘molly-n-polly’ molly and ‘polly-n-molly’ polly, and, well, yeah… All Conquering indeed. Oh to see a setlist like that again…

And there’s a suprisingly large number of old Crox fans suddenly appearing on Davey’s facebook, including comments on the Godvia festival (the only Crox gig I could have ever made myself, and didn’t, curses, but twas meant to be…) and something that lead to a Google search that lead to a website that, despite over 10 years running this site trawling the web for Crox / Crimea related links, seems to have gone undiscovered until yesterday….

An actual Crocketts fanpage/site. Good god have mercy.


God bless you, angelfire (home to this site’s old version). Anyway, said site above by the now much-older Laura Payne includes all manner of goodness including the wonderfully titled, small yet perfectly formed crockography, a small press review from the not-generally-so-generous NME, and yes, even some live pics! Hit more for some sort-of-with-permission copied content, or just hit the previous links for the real thing, until Angelfire finally implodes for good.

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Inaudible’s Gig Media

Taken by your’s truely, here’s some stuff to start you off with…

After 5 years, another Webshots album ๐Ÿ™‚ Featuring larger versions of all the stuff and more from the live blog yesterday.

Here’s my own YouTube playlist, currently with four of my own vids in, more to come as others upload various shakey-phone vids.


Following the official setlist, here’s a to-be-constantly-updated list of tracks, along with additional vids etc. Sorry the audio’s crap, only so much one can do with an iPhone.. Oh for a Line-Out (hint, rae… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Listening tip: Tracks are fully ID3d for iTunes, if it sounds crap try putting the equalizer on to Rock, enable any speaker’s bass boost, and try to ignore the clipping….

Soundcheck ( M3U Playlist )
Witches Broom
Mid-Air Collisions
Judas Loves You
Beehive Mind

Gig ( M3U Playlist )
Loop A Loop
Last Plane Out Of Saigon (Sorry for the fade out/in, seems an iPhone quits audio recording if switching apps ๐Ÿ™ ).
Baby Boom
Mid-Air Collisions – (#lolwut @owen’s cock up. Davey: “We’ve been playing together 17 years…” ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
Bad Vibrations – Video Link Here
Beehive Mind
Witches Broom
Judas Loves You – Video Link Here
Requiem Aeternum
Who Knows
How To Make You Laugh
The Only Living Boy And Girl
Famous Blue Raincoat (Acoustic) – Video Link Here
Opposite Ends (Acoustic) – Video Link Here
Lottery Winners On Acid

Background listening ๐Ÿ˜‰ Extra fun for the completist.

Bonus 1:
10 years of the Crimea tonight , live at union chapel for one night alone . Accident Emergency just talk to me , Smile if you still can , theres more to life than tequila killers, visions of your name in flowers, Don’t let the bastards get you down, happy fucking birthday soldiers xxxxxx
Davey’s Facebook advertisement included lyrics from Raining Planets, which I promptly confused with Oliver Twisted due to the re-use of riffs / lyrics. Here’s MP3s to both:
The Crimea – Raining Planets (2nd Album Demo)
Full, mastered, album version (with above lyrics) is available free on the Secrets Of The Witching Hour album at http://www.thecrimea.net/download.
The Crimea – Oliver Twisted (Original Demo)

Bonus 2:
Former Crimea guitar lead Julz Parker totally killing it in this Tragedy Rocks riff, a composition later to be used in Judas Loves You. The rest of the recording is so-so, but for 30 seconds you have probably the finest, most beautifully haunting piece of recorded Crimea guitar wizardry in existence. But I’m biased.
The Crimea – Tragedy Rocks (MS1 Club 2003) – Performed live at the MS1 Club, Cardiff in 2003 for Radio Wales.

Bonus 3:
The original, the fuzziest, the finest – Opposite Ends accoustic demo performed by Dan Harris and Davey Macmanus, sometime around 2000. Thank you V2 Records and the early naughties for crappy DRM, not so much for bitrates.

As I commented in the comments…

avatars-000007069410-12o8nq-cropHoly. Motherfrigin. Shitbiscuits.

I rarely swear. No really, I make an exception for few things. Stuff Your Cherry Pie being re-released. Owen sitting on the same bench. Hannah Fowler actually existing.

The latter, well… Whilst wading through the surprisingly-little spam since my last visit, one name stands out between Mr Viagra and Drugs-R-Us: Hannah Duncan (ne Fowler).


No seriously, see for yourself: http://immortalsoon.co.uk/archive/1177/comment-page-1#comment-130195

Apparently there’s photos and stuff to look forward to, so I best get e-mailing, but for now, here’s what the other lot have been up to for the last 15 years:

More @ http://soundcloud.com/hanjan. And if you’re reading this on the Crocketts site you can here some of her (much) older stuff in the player to the right, just hit “Mrs Donnelly (Live Session 1996). Will always get my vote for second best Davey backing vox after Annie (sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Memory Lane – Peak Chart Positions

Well, waste not want not; while I still remember how to log in…

A long long time ago, in a news post far far away, I once mentioned Chart Log UK, who compile peak chart positions for various bands. They only had a couple up back then, but there’s plenty more stats on your favourite band now, so hit more to check em out. Who knew WRG made it so high, as did Host back in the day. Stupid download crap confuses the hell out of me these days though, is there even still a chart left?

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