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Excuse the mess.

Mucking about with layouts. Could well mess a few things up. Seems in 10 years screen sizes have expanded a little too much to be useful, so I’m setting a fixed width on the content. This is much harder due to WordPress having updated itself out of compatibility with the template, and me having forgotten how the hell I wrote the HTML back in 2003. Seems OK for now… maybe I’ll finally get round to fixing the non-blog pages too πŸ™‚ (they only need a single header line, but, meh…

Also, if any Crimea fans still exist, and any happen to be HTML / XHTML / PHP / CSS / etc coders, and have enough will and love for the band…. anyone else fancy being official inaudible website tech? You get to have fun with my undocumented code and improve things via WordPress and all manner of Web 1.0 apps?

Major Site Update

Ok, you won’t notice anything new, well nothing good anyway. But I’m in the process of updating the blog software here which, until done, is gonna right mess some things up. Like, no Crocketts site for now, no archives page, messed up formatting, etc etc. Luckily I just need to whip a few templates in to shape to fix everything, but until I do it’s prolly best not to do anything like try posting comments incase it causes a rift in the space time continuum or something.

Security Updates

Hey guys, due to some spam nonsense with the account I’ve had to kill all user accounts on here other than my own. Sorry Hol :p For ex-authors, if you still want to post then let me know and I’ll give you my own account details.

For the rest of you, please do not use any email addresses related to, as these are about to be killed off too. Just pop one off to — immortalsoon -=- at -=- gmail — or my hotmail address (old timers should know it…) if you have anything interesting to say.

And if you notice any excess downtime here in the short term – probably due to the above. Now I have to go execute some scripts. Or unexecute them. Or something…

Immortal… soon?

Notice anything different? Yup, we got a new domain name! Curtosey the beautifully written yet criminally unreleased Down On The Farm. And yes, I know it’s twatted up the non-news pages, but unless one of you knows how to define a php define(“VARIABLE” /location) type thing globally from a single file, then it may be that way for a couple more days… Anyway, as the news is working again, here’s some more interesting stuff Davey just let me in on…

Davey MacManus will be a guest speaker at the Building A Business On ‘Free’ seminar on November 5th. Also attending will be record execs, music website owners, game designers and copyright meanies to talk about weather it’s “viable or indeed advisable to give music away and if so, how can it be done in a way that doesn’t compromise artists’ income, integrity or longevity?” Best of all, it’s free to attend; just check the website for details on how to register first, then go along and grill Davey on why there’s so many great songs they still haven’t given away free.

Notice Anything Missing?

If you spot any errors or suchlike in the website, esp. the blog, then please leave a comment (hopefully they work again) and lemme know. Moving hosting provides is sooo much fun πŸ˜› . But hopefully ’tis finished now, so on with the news…
Update: Hit more for a current buglist, they’ll be fixed asap.

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Site Updates

Please excuse the look and on rare ocasions functionality of the site over the next month. I’m updating the graphics as you may have noticed and trying to reposition everything correctly. Then I’ll be changing the menu bar from a frame layout to single page layout, and finally moving the site’s hosting provider. So err… if anything breaks, I’m probably fixing it while you browse, but if anything is majorly messed up for more than a couple days then do let me know at the usual address.
Update: Yes, this means ignore the temporary dual menu bar going on at the moment πŸ˜‰

Shameless Plugs

Here’s a couple of site plugs for you. First is Jonte’s Web Garage, a web design and hosting site by the same guy who made The Crimea’s official website so you know the man’s got good taste.

And the other one is Inky Design, a graphic design company that aren’t so Crimea related but it’s run by some friends and they need a bit of promotion so… If you need a logo or other design work by experienced artists and also the nicest people I know then check em out. If they’re good enough for Transport for London they’re good enough for you πŸ˜‰ Between them and the above you could get your own online presence in no time. Now if only I could stop this site looking such a mess…

Crocketts Site News Merged

Normally don’t mention Crox stuff here but as you’re unlikely to notice if I dont, and as it has a small effect on this site…

The Crocketts Unofficial Website at has just had it’s news page updated with a kinda merged version of the blog on this here Crimea site. It’s been adapted for the Crox site so you can clearly see the difference, though any news posts there will still appear on the archives page of this site so if you spot any weird posts that aren’t on the this front page and have a totally different look, then that’s why.

Other than that, you shouldn’t notice any difference here at all, though obviously if you do then lemme know. Anyway, head over to for more info, and if you’re wondering “who the hell?!?!”, The Crocketts are just Crimea members Davey & Owen’s old band.


Time for some long overdue thankyous from me to all those helping to make this site as great as it is…

First up, thanks to Lee at Velocity PR for providing content over the SOTWH release. If you want some decent PR yourself, they’re your guys 8) .
Paul Duffy from the official site has also provided a few things and is keeping the street team in order.
Cheers to Inaudible authors Denyer and Iain for helping me find all those album release articles on the web.
Obvious thanks to Owen & the rest of the band for doing what they do best and giving me something to do with my life.
And finally, thanks to everyone reading this site, especially those of you who’ve sent in news / photos / various other random stuff or just left a comment or two.

Site Updates

Slacking? Me? As if, I still ain’t left my chair. Annnd Davey’s just lovingly sent me about 300 more links. Oh well, they can wait; I’ve been busy updating this site as well as finding out what else is new on other Crimea sites. Here be the low-down:

Secrets Of The Witching HourSomeone was looking for this earlier, and as the release caught us all on the hop I hadn’t got one ready, but it’s now finished and here, in all it’s glory, is the wholey unofficial Secrets Of The Witching Hour lyrics page. If you can fill in any of the (albeit very few) gaps, please comment below.

Another returnee to this site is the gig listings page, though it’s missing the kinda excruciating detail my obsessed self would have added in times gone by. But it’ll do you for the next couple of months anyhow.

More updates come in the form of downloads; I’ve added both of Crimea manager Steve Taverner’s radio interviews to the downloads page. And I do appologise for the lack of any other working links there, lord knows how long they’ve been like that but I promise they’ll be fixed very soon.

Not my site but the official one this time.’s photoblog was updated sometime last year with summer tour photos. Fun with glasses and bananas abound.

Also trying to trick me in to complacency is the Davey’s MySpace blog which, although not looking like it on the main page, has been updated numerous times in the last few months. I’d try and be funny about it but the Davey’s tales of near self-halm and depression are about as fun a read as Kurt Kobain’s diary. Speaking of which, I’m gonna be dead myself if I don’t get something to eat soon…

New Blog Goes Live

Likey? Dare I say it, that dark green border does look a bit weird with the curved corners of the header one down…, and the sidebar deffinately feels all kinda wrong on the right hand side (what are we, american?) but it shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

If you didn’t check out the test blog earlier, you can find all the posts from there further down this page. Obviously the past 5 1/2 years worth of posts are also there. Don’t think I’m done yet, though, there’s still plenty of improvements to add. And keep your eye on those sidebar feeds for more photos / vids. But go ahead and click em already.

If you find anything out of place / messed up, feel free to email me at the usual address ( Or just leave a comment, cos they’re finally back!

PS. Guest authors you should be able to login too. If you don’t see the login link on the right, go to And I say this knowing full well you’ve all bloody forgotten your login details / that you were ever allowed to add posts in the first place.

How’s that sidebar look? I’m just gonna leave it like that for the night. It’s 2am ffs. Maybe I’ll add something later… or just lose it altogether.

A Sneak Peak

New website 1I know I said two months, but for once I actually bothered to put some effort in to something. Here’s a sneak peak at the upgraded news page, I’ve still got a few tweaks to do but expect it sometime in the next week or two. And you better love the little auto-updating sidebar image feeds as much as I do. Oops, did I say “image” feeds? Heh…

New website 2

Testing, Testing

1, 2, 3, etc… Sorry about this, just deleting various things and wanna make sure I deleted the right stuff. If you’re reading this, I didn’t mess anything up :o)

New Crimea News Page

I’ve just set up an account at to test out their software and see if it’s suitable for replacing the current blogging software on this site (basically what makes the news posts you’re reading now). I’ve added a few entries to see what it’s like, and so far so good. There’s a number of restrictions on the wordpress hosted version that I just can’t live with (no editable CSS / layout styles, and it’s doing something weird to my pics) so it’s deffinately not there to stay. What I probably will be doing in the future is installing the software on this site so I can change get the layout and look inline with the rest of the site, then hopefully transferring all the old posts to it so you don’t lose the past four years (bloody hell…) of Crimea news.

For now though, take a look at the new Crimea blog and see if there’s anything that you like, don’t like, stuff that works, stuff that don’t, and let me know about it (comment’s are back!). The latest entries on the blog are linked to on the right of this current news page (thanks to whoever invented RSS and the guys over at but it’ll be mostly off-topic type posts there and proper Crimea news here unless I get real lazy. All being well I expect to replace the software on this site sometime over the next few months. And thanks to Denyer for making me see sense :o)

Feeds are up.

So they need more posts to test. What the hell is it with all these question marks on the titles?

Edit: Fickr RSS feed of Crimea photos is now up on the right too. Ooo get me, this place is becoming very “Web 2.0”. We just need a CrimeaWiki now and we’re all set for the web’s community age. I’m just thankful I don’t gotta learn D XHT XML anymore.