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Merry Christmas

It’s freezing, everyone’s got colds, no one’s visited the site for days and the date says 25th December. Time to wish Happy Christmas to everyone then. Or as Davey would say, “Merry fucking Christmas, I hope that it will snow, I don’t fucking Ho Ho, I’d rather fuck a ho”. By the new year I should have some more reviews of stuff up, including one from Friday’s Independent paper and the stuff from The Fly that I should have got up ages ago. Bye bye.

LWOA review and Blow Job on Radio 1.

There’s a review of Lottery Winners On Acid up on the Drowned in Sound website giving it 4 1/2 out of 5. Click here or on [More] to read it.
John Peel continued his advertisement of the single during his Radio 1 show on Tuesday evening. After a request from someone with a broken leg to play a pick me up, he put on Lottery Winners On Acid and later, Blowjob Or 9 To 5. Click here within the next few days to hear the show, and here or on [More] for the tracklisting.
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General updates.

There’s another gig happening this Saturday evening at The Gallery in Leystone. More details are on the gigs page.
There’s also a few new downloads on the downloads page. Check them out, they’ll have dissapeared by January the 15th.
More Lottery Winners news, there’s a review of it over at The Despondent e-zine. I don’t think they liked The Crocketts much *grr* but they do like the new single enough to name it their Single Of The Week *yey*. Click here or on [More] to read the reivew.
And I’ve put up photos from the Crimea gig at The Monarch on the eleventh. Thanks to Tina McClelland from and Elodie for sending me their pics, which you can view here.
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638th Highest Amazon Product.

L.W.O.A has shot up to 22nd highest selling single on the Amazon singles chart as it is now currently the 638th highest selling product overall at, which, if repeated in other shops, puts the boys in good chance of a top 100 entry this evening.

73rd best selling single at Amzon.

Quite possibly thanks to John Peel’s influence, Lottery Winners On Acid is currently 73rd highest selling single at, and 2,015th highest selling item overall. View the latest Amazon singles chart here, or buy the single from Towensend Records here.

Evening of Crimea on John Peel.

John Peel had a Crimea fulled Radio 1 show last night after receiving a Christmas card from someone in the Isle Of White asking him to dedicate a romantic tune to some woman for him, and another email from someone asking him to play a tune for his daughter. Click [More] to see why I was up until midnight yesterday.
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LWOA on John Peel.

L.W.O.A. was played last night on John Peel’s Radio 1 show. He said it was the best record he’d heard all weekend and he’ll be playing the other two tracks on the single sometime in the future. Click here and skip to 15 minutes in to hear the song, but it’ll be gone in a week.

Mailing List Christmas Message.

Mailing ListMailing List Christmas Message
The Crimea are gearing up for Christmas with a party at Camden Barfly. Click [More] for the latest mailing list message.
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Annie Macmanus radio show.

For those of you intrested in the MacManus family, you can hear recordings of Davey’s sister Annie presenting the Barfly In Session at You might have to copy and paste the ‘Listen to this show’ link by following the instructions here. As for the Crimea, they had their single played on 6 Music again yesterday, they look like getting into the top 200 if not top 100 this evening, and as Christmas is a time for giving and all, I’ve given the boys some festive new band names. See if you can find them.

Rebel Playlist Winners.

The Crimea are this weeks rebel playlist winners on 6 Music. Lottery Winners On Acid was voted best out of three tracks on Steve Lamaqs show on Saturay, the other two being Glass Slipper by Burning Brides and Sweetsmoke by Mr Scruff. Click here to hear clips of the three tracks, here to view Satuday 30th’s playlist, and here to listen to the show. The clips and show links will stop working in a week, so go listen now, and check out last week’s rebel playlist winners ex Murry The Hump band The Keys and their new single Gurl Next Door, which should be out very soon.

More radio play.

As if being back on SBN’s playlist for the thrid time in a row and XFM’s playlist for the second time in a row, imagine my shock when on Monday evening, just as I’m drifting off to sleep with Radio 1 playing in the background, I hear what I think is the Crimea mentioned. Thinking it’s all a dream, I turn my head towards the radio and listen as something about a tour is mentioned, and then there it is again. “The Crimea”. And something about Opposite something? Five seconds later I’m out of bed jumping around the room as the Klutzville version of Opposite Ends is getting played out of my little grey bedside radio. You can relive my excitement by clicking here and skipping to 1 hour and 45 seconds into Monday 25th’s show, and then waiting a few minutes until The Crimea appear. Sadly the recording will be gone in a week, but you can view the tracklisting for the shows songs here, or click on [More] to see the tracklisting and what the shows presenter had to say about the band.
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Mailing List Update.

Mailing ListMailing List Update
Looks like the single is out now after all. Click [More] to read The Crimea’s comments on their new single.
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Online shops selling LWOA.

First up, the bad news. I think Lottery Winners On Acid is gonna be released next Monday. That’s the release date Amazon’s got anyway. Now the good news. Loads of places are selling the single online. So far there’s,,,, and

More lyrics from Joe.

Newly named Jose Blas? has given me another helping hand with some lyrics. Click [More] and sing along to some b-sides.
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Popex help out The Crimea.

Camp Channelfly has done it again. Popex, major online fantasy band stock trading game owned by Channelfly has sent out an advert for Lottery Winners On Acid to everyone on it’s mailing list. That’s anywhere up to 110000 (One hundred and ten thousand) people. It looks like they recieved one of Owen’s post-it notes too, and they even added a link to this site :o) Click [More] to see what it says.
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